Photography Workshops

I’ve never done a real life photography class. Most of my learning these days seems to be online classes, so I was rather excited to get to take 2 real life workshops this month!

ISO 100, f8, 1/250

Awhile back, a discount voucher company called Cudo had deals to buy 3-hour photography workshops for landscape and travel, wedding photography, night photography or family photography for $40 each. I brought 2 of these vouchers so that I would be able to do the wedding photography class and the landscape and travel class. I wish I brought at least one more to do night photography, but I’m certain I’ll go back to do that one at some stage anyway, since everyone seems to rave about it and the results are stunning!

ISO 100, f8, 1/100

Since Bec’s wedding is coming up next month, I thought it would be great to learn how to use my camera a bit better, so that I can help to take some good photos myself. I went to the wedding photography class 2 weeks ago now. We started out by going through some of the types of shots that we would likely take on the day along with the lighting we’d likely encounter, and then continued to go through different settings to use for the shots, along with great ways to compose shots. We were given plenty of time to practice each point, using the other participants in the class as our subject. It was serious fun, and I felt like I learnt more about my camera in that 3 hour period that I have over the last few months! We didn’t use manual mode, since it was explained that on the wedding day, we don’t want to be messing with the camera settings. Instead, we used P mode on the camera so that we can focus more on what is happening around us, rather than just settings, which makes sense to me!

ISO 100, f7, 1/80

Last weekend, I did the landscape and travel class since I love travelling so much. I so should have done this before going to NZ though! In this class, we went over the basics of shooting in manual, starting from taking the light meter readings, getting correct exposures and focusing the shots correctly, before moving on to composition, and things such as making a person disappear if they walk through your photo while your taking it by using a slow shutter speed. There was so much packed in, but we still managed to get lots of practice time. This was a much bigger class than the wedding photography class, but our teacher was very knowledgable and able to answer all of our questions, which was great. And I had a lot of questions, that’s for sure!

ISO 100, f8, 1/125

Both of the classes were right in the middle of Sydney, so I caught the ferry in, and either the ferry or train home, depending on if the ferries were still going. Where we were sitting for the classes, we had fantastic views of the Sydney Harbour Bridge and the Sydney Opera House. And the weather was awesome for both days too! I strongly recommend taking a real life photography course to everyone now, since it’s so much fun!

ISO 100, f8, 1/400


4 thoughts on “Photography Workshops

    • Thanks Erin! The workshop I did was through Remember Forever Photography. They have about 15 different types of workshops, so I did the wedding and travel classes, but there is night photography, portrait photography, people photography, events photography, sports photography, etc. The classes in Sydney are from the Overseas Passenger Terminal in Circular Quay, so it’s pretty central as well. The instructor, Emma, is really knowledgable too! I found it quite intersting though… Hands on with lots of practice, going over settings and equipment to use, and also composition stuff.

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