Our Trip in Photos (Part 5)

Today I’m back with the last of our trip photos. If you missed previous photos, part 1 is here, part 2 is here, and part 3 is here, and part 4 is here. This is the most photo heavy post of them all though, so I’ll get in to it!

Day 12 – Today was our last day skiing, and I’m rather proud of myself for it! I had another lesson, doing the 3rd level class this time, and for the first time, we went up the ski lifts and skied down! We went down the most basic slope the first time, and it wasn’t too scary, but the second time was a turquoise run, which freaked me out a lot more! Getting off the lift the second time, another girl in my class crashed in to me and toppled me over, which was kind of funny! I fell over more times today than I did the rest of the trip though! After the lesson, we had lunch at the Ice Bar, then headed back down and went up to the top of the biggest ski lift there. I hadn’t been up here before, and I’m amazed how steep it was. We were going to hike to an outlook up there, but my leg was too cramped up to make it there, so we ended up heading back down. I freaked out a bit on the way down though, when I realised how high we were! So happy I made it on the slopes though, and was on a major high all night! We headed to Fergburger to try Sweet Bambi burgers for the first time to celebrate, and while it wasn’t overly bad, I didn’t like it all that much.

Day 13 – Today was our last full day in NZ. We both had a spare superpass to use, so I redeemed mine at Body Sanctum Day Spa. It took me awhile to decide what I wanted to have done, since both a facial and pedicure would have been awesome, but I ended up settling on a hot stone massage since I’ve wanted to try that for a long time. I must say, it was quite good! The stones were hotter than I expected, but it was super relaxing! I headed back to the hotel after, and we had a relaxing afternoon, before heading to Lone Star for an awesome dinner. I had the Johnny Cash Stash, which was chicken stuffed with mushrooms, spinach, cheese and sundried tomatos, crumbed, with a mushroom sauce, and it was quite good! Michael had his usual meal of ribs, although he wasn’t as impressed by them. We also tried Speights beer with dinner. Michael’s not a beer drinker, so he didn’t like it, but I thought it was a pretty decent beer. The weather was pretty crappy and rained all day, which didn’t bother either of us too much, since it was pretty great the rest of the time we were here.

Day 14 – And this was the day we headed back to Australia! It was such a long one, as well! We had to check out of the hotel nice and early so we could drive to the airport and return our hire car. When we got to the airport, there was very little to do, but at least they had free wifi, so we chatted a little, had something to eat and went online for a bit to fill in time. Our flight with Air New Zealand was at about 10am, and headed to Christchurch, where we were stuck for an incredibly boring 5 hours between flights. We explored the domestic terminal, which had so many awesome lunch options, then headed for international, expecting it to be bigger, since most international terminals are more impressive than domestic. We were quite disappointed to go through and find there was very little there, so we had nothing to do. We ended up sitting at Coffee Club, where we had lunch and went online and read magazines. It was a relief when our flight showed up! We made it back to Sydney at about 8pm, and the line up for customs was insane, but we got through pretty quickly. We had a driver pick us up and we made it home about 9pm. I have to say, it’s good to be back, although I do miss Queenstown a lot. Especially when the views from our hotel were much nice than the views from our apartment!

And that about sums up our New Zealand trip for 2012! 🙂


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