Time: 11.13pm
Place: Sitting at my craft room desk
Wearing: Singlet, black and gray striped long sleeve top, black leggings
Drinking: Water! After how tipsy I was last night of vodka and OJ, I needed a rest!
Reading: The Lonely Planets Guide to Travel Photography. I started it while in NZ and I’m still going through it
Thinking: How glad I am to have big salads sorted for work lunches tomorrow and dinner tomorrow night!
Enjoying: How nice the weather has been. It’s Spring here, and it’s warming up nicely, which makes the walk to work super awesome
Creating: I’ve started making a knitted blanket. It’s going to be yellow and aqua checkered, and I’m up to the 5th square of the first row. It’s going to take me a LONG time!
Hoping: To have fit some relaxing in on the weekend. I have a photography course Saturday afternoon, and will be spending the day shopping with Mum and my sister’s on Sunday, so I don’t think I’ll get much time to myself.
Wishing: Michael wasn’t heading away on Monday again. He only just got back from Victoria on Sunday night.
Needing: Sleep. I’ve felt so tired lately no matter how much I sleep. I’m hoping daylight savings will help with my sleep patterns when it starts next month.
Wondering: How to keep up with all the classes I signed up for this month. I have One Little Word, Move More, Eat Well, Learn Something New Everyday, 30 Days till Done, 30 Days of Lists, Ten Tips for Type, and I’ve probably forgotten some. At the moment, I’m focusing on One Little Word, 30 Days till Done and if I have extra time, Learn Something New Everyday. I guess they’ll just extend over until next month!


2 thoughts on “Currently

    • At least the advantage of self paced classes is that I can do them in a couple of months time, and I love that Big Picture Classes gives lifetime access too! I find that there are so many that I want to do, and not enough time to do them with working full time and studying.

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