Our Trip in Photos (Part 3)

I’m back again with more photos from our NZ trip! If you missed the previous photos, you can find part 1 here, and part 2 here. Again, this is another photo heavy post. So let’s begin!

Day 6 – We headed for our second day skiing today. Today we only had a lesson in the morning, so we were free to ski on our own in the afternoon. I’m still not picking it up very well though. Michael, on the other hand, made it up the ski life to the proper beginner slopes a couple of times. I actually took my camera with me this time, after realising it’s actually pretty safe on the snow with us. I didn’t end up sick after skiing today, either! We enjoyed milkshakes and coffee at Patagonia Chocolates afterwards, since they were one of very few places that had free wifi.

Day 7 – We had another ski day today. We had actually organised a 2 hour private ski lesson with Emily, my instructor from yesterday, and she seemed to help a lot, although I’m still not the most confident. She had us going down a different slope towards the end for extra practice, and I managed to fall for the first time since our first lesson, since there was an ice ledge about 2 inches high that I didn’t notice until I hit it. I managed to hurt my knee pretty well from it.

Day 8 – So, I ended up waking up sick again. It seems to be something different to the first time though. We decided to have a relaxing day, and slept in, then spent a bit of time at Patagonia again in the afternoon. We redeemed one of our superpasses each to head up the gondola again too, where we watched a Haka show and enjoyed their 7-course buffet dinner. The food was awesome! They had a lot there… Soups, salads, seafood, roasts, stirfry type foods, pastas, a great dessert bar, and cheeses and coffees to finish. There was probably a bit too much eating going on though! I realised that I’ve lost quite a few photos we took from the Haka show though, and I’m not sure what’s happened. I had to include the cheesy tourist photo too!

And that’s all for tonight, but I’ll be back again with Our Trip in Photos (part 4) soon!! I’m enjoying sharing them way too much!


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