Our Trip in Photos (Part 1)

After finally going through some of the 630 photos we took on our trip, I realise there are A LOT that I love! I’ve decided to stop this post being ridiculously long, that I’ll be posting groups of photos at a time, broken down by the days we were there. Just a note… This post is pretty photo heavy!

Day 1 – We left Sydney on 13th August, 2012 to fly to Queenstown, NZ. The view as we came over Queenstown was rather amazing… I’ve never seen mountain peaks covered in snow like that! We stayed in a cute little hotel called The Blue Peaks Lodge, which was only about 5 minutes walk into the centre of town. Dinner was in town at a place called Brazz Steakhouse, and the food and atmosphere was awesome!

Day 2 – We decided to spend the day exploring the town today. Lunch was at a place called Fergburger (cool website, by the way!), and I’d have to say, the burger there was one of the most amazing I’ve ever tasted! I’d read about a famous burger place in Queenstown, but didn’t give it any though until after going. The line here was massive, which was a sign of how popular it was. Even the burger names were different! I had a tropical swine burger, Michael’s had a fergburger with blue cheese… We recommend both! It’s quite a pretty town, on the shore of Lake Wakatipu. I was surprised that the lake had a rocky beach. We’re both used to sandy beaches in and around Sydney. There were lots of cool looking buildings and a small stream running through the centre of the town.

Day 3 – This was our first day skiing. We had booked to go to The Remarkables mountain range for the day, and took the 45 minute bus ride up. We had our first lesson there, which was made up of 2 x 2 hour sessions (one in the morning, one in the afternoon). Our instructor was a young girl named Marika, from Canada. Michael seems to pick it up pretty well, but me, not so much! I seemed to have one speed down the hill (FAST), and because of it, I had more problems turning. I only managed to fall once though, and that was from taking the ski’s off, rather than skiing itself! We met some awesome people in the lesson, 3 of which we had dinner with at Fergburger again that evening. I didn’t take my camera up the mountain with me, but I did take some photos one of the other girls’ cameras, along with out at dinner, but I haven’t yet been emailed them. I don’t have any of my own photos from this day!

That’s it for today since I don’t want to go into photo overkill, but there will be I’ll have Our Trip in Photos (Part 2) ready on Thursday!


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