September Goals

photo (3)

I did reasonably well with my goals from August. There were a few I missed since it ended up being too busy during the month, like starting to read the Tomorrow series of books and finishing the photography class, but the rest went pretty well.

This month, I plan on:

  • Finishing my craft room organisation. I’ve done a lot of it so far, but there is still a little to go
  • Share the photos from my NZ trip, since the internet over there was too horrible to be able to upload many
  • Finish my mini album from our anniversary trip. It’s mostly done, except for printing and sticking in the photos. Once finished, I’ll share it here
  • Catch up with family and celebrate Father’s Day, since I haven’t seen or really spoken to any of them since before I went away.
  • Do at least one crafty project
  • Make it to a real life photography class for either travel or wedding photography
  • Catch up and share my One Little Word album so far. I need to finish the July and August prompts
  • Make a pot of soup from scratch. Not sure what sort of soup yet
  • Start getting my Project 365 photos from last year in my album! I have the first 6 months printed and ready to go

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