Inspiration Files – August

I haven’t been online much this month to have found as many inspiring links as I usually do since I was away, but I still have a few to share today!

1. First up, the Seafoam edition of Project Life. I know I shared this the other day, but it does have me super inspired! You can see the announcement here on Becky’s blog, and here on Elise’s blog.

2. Elise’s Thoughts on Rubber Stamping post. I really want to start getting more into stamping. I’m loving what I’ve been seeing around the place lately, and a lot of the new stamps I’m seeing are quite inspiring. Now to get some decent stamp pads!

3. The weather! It was amazing for all of our trip away except the last day, and has been amazing since coming home as well! The only disappointment is that we never actually got to see it snowing!

4. The Ten Tips for Type class at Big Picture Classes. This looks like it will be great fun! I love type and different fonts! Cathy’s classes are always pretty great too.

5. These 3×4 journal card brushes from Ali Edwards. Super cute! Perfect size for Project Life too, which I am very quickly becoming obsessed with!

6. Cathy’s Olympics card in this post… I spent the first half of the month decorating my work office in an Olympic theme, and seeing this at the time just made me smile! **Update: The download here has now been taken down due to copyright issues.**

7. The Zen Habits post about inspiration… A great reminder of ways to help live an inspired life and to break an inspiration devoid lull.

And that’s about it for this month!




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