We Made It!

We made it home safe and sound. From the time we left the hotel, until the time we walked in the door at home, took us almost 14 hours though. Our travel agent decided that she would book our flights to go to Christchurch first, and then back to Sydney as it was apparently significantly cheaper, and we didn’t realise it involved a 6 or so hour stopover there… Even with books, magazines, limited internet and having lunch, it drags one!

Neither me or Michael worked today, which was good. It gave us time to unpack properly, do all our washing (4 loads!!), pick up his work car and get some grocery shopping done. Tomorrow we both head back to work though, and to be honest, I don’t feel quite ready for it. I feel like I need a holiday to recover from my holiday!

On a happy note, the weather is awesome back here! It’s nice to feel warm again! The cold doesn’t suit me quite as well as the warmth does. I’m also mostly over the annoying colds I seemed to keep getting while away, so that makes me quite happy! Unfortunately, it seems to have hit Michael though, after he avoided it the whole trip!


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