Project Life

I’m excited! Over on Becky’s blog, she’s showing off the new project life designs this week! So far, she’s shown the 2 new editions for next year, with the childhood editions upcoming in the next couple of days, and what’s best, one of my favourite bloggers has designed one!

I have to say, the Seafoam kit Elise has designed is gorgeous! I plan on buying it to work on for 2013. I’ll probably buy the digital versions of both as well. I’m looking forward to it!

That is all I have to say for this evening as I’m tired from skiing all day and not sleeping well, so I’m off to bed!



2 thoughts on “Project Life

  1. I hear your excitement! I have been wondering what Elise’s BIG PROJECT was and I never expected it to be this!!! I am over the moon excited and cannot wait until we can pre-order them! I getting in early next year, as I am still waiting for my core kit for this year!

    • I know what you mean!! This was such an unexpected project, but makes me super excited! I know what you mean about the pre-order… I actually ended up getting the 2 kits I have from the US since my Mum went over there, and her partner brought back the other one. I think I would still be waiting as well otherwise! I hope you get in on time though! 🙂

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