Currently – Travel Edition!

I was … Just thinking that I would come back to Queenstown just for the food! Everything we’ve tried here so far has been amazing! Especially Fergburger and Winnies!

I am … Looking forward to trying snowboarding. It looks easier than skiing, although everyone says otherwise. I think it looks more fun, too!

I think … It would be awesome to take a season off to work in a place like this for a few months and get to ski and snowboard on days off!

I wonder … How freeing it would be to not be scared of heights? It would certainly make ski lifts more enjoyable!

I wish … That the cold I’ve managed to pick up will go away quickly so we can start skiing more again!

I save … Lots of travel brochures and receipts as reminders of the cool things we do while we are away!

I always … Enjoy really getting to explore the places that I visit thoroughly… At least 2 weeks at a place is the best!

I can’t imagine … Not taking a camera with me on a trip… Currently, we have my DSLR, my point and shoot and our 2 phone cameras with us on this trip!

I believe … This was an awesome choice of destination for our trip! I’m glad Michael chose NZ!

I promise … By the end of this trip, I will have tried a deer burger at Fergburger, a famous burger joint here

I love … Travelling to new places and can’t imagine not having it as part of my life!

I scrap … Very few of my overseas trips, but I do keep a travel diary on every one of them. That way, if I do end up scrapping them, I have notes about it all too.


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