We Survived City 2 Surf 2012!!

Yesterday we completed the 2012 City 2 Surf. Neither of us has ever undertaken this before, and I have to say, it was super fun!! The atmosphere was so much better than I ever imagined it would be as well! Overall, there were about 85,000 people attending. I never expected it to be so packed, especially for a 14km run!

We were in the orange back of the pack group, where the walkers, people with prams and the likes were. I didn’t realise that there were other groups we could go in that probably would have been more suitable for us, but at least we know for next year now. There were about 15,000 people in this group alone!

I have to say, I’m impressed with the people who attended, as well. There were quite a few older people, one guy even looked about 80 years old! There were also some quite large people, and to be honest, their determination was impressive! Lots of people had kids with them too, and the kids seemed to power on and handle it amazingly as well. A group of Army people were there too, I guess for training purposes. They were in their long sleeve camouflage gear, with boots and full packs and webbing. I’ve done about 4kms in that gear when I used to do Air Force Cadets, and I want to mention that it’s damn hard work!! Some of the biggest achievements for the day were a blind guy doing the race in about 90 minutes, and an old guy did the race in less than 2 hours just walking… Even at the pace I walk, I could only do that distance in 2 hours and 20 minutes, and I thought I walked fast! It’s impressive the effort everyone put in!

Overall, I only ran about 2kms of the race. It’s not too bad, considering I haven’t done any real running training since getting sick. Now I know what to expect, I can train better for it next year! The last 4kms were spent walking really slowly since Michael hurt his knee though. Hopefully it heals up pretty quickly! My final time was around 2 hours and 23 minutes, which was worse than I was hoping, but there was no way I was deserting Michael when he hurt himself, since I roped him in to going! We should find out the official results in a day or 2 though, and I can’t wait to know!

Throughout the day, I think we managed to walk almost 20kms, since we had to walk each end to get too and from the station. I don’t think I’ve ever walked that far in one day before either! We both ache quite a bit now though, since sitting tends to make the muscles feel stiff, but overall, I’m super glad we did it! I’m also super proud of us both for making it and doing so well… A few months ago, we would have come off much worse for wear and wouldn’t have enjoyed it anywhere near as much! We’ve decided to do it again next year as well, and really work to improve our times too!


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