Busily Packing

We’ve spent the day busily packing today, to get ready for our trip, along with City 2 Surf. All travel shopping is complete, although I did miss the bank by 5minutes since the website said it was open until 4pm, but it actually closed at 3.30pm instead.

Our tickets are gathered, along with my travel diary and some knitting to take with me. It will have to go in my main bag though.

Suitcases have started to be filled, just needing a few more clothes and toiletries to be added. It’s nice to not have to worry about travel adapters for power for once, as well!

We’re even all set for City 2 Surf tomorrow, with our bibs and running gear out!

The trip finally feels real now that we’ve started packing! It’s going to be an exciting couple of weeks!!


2 thoughts on “Busily Packing

    • Thanks for the good luck! We both made it, and it was super fun! This year was our first time, and we were in the back of the pack group, which had people with strollers, and people who planned on walking as well. I would have to say after doing it, you don’t really need to do much to get in shape for it… There were little kids, older people and a couple of quite large people who were in this group, and they all managed to successfully do it! There was even a blind guy who did the race in about 90 minutes, which was better than me or Michael did! We should get our official time on Tuesday šŸ™‚

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