10 Things August – Grateful

On the tenth of each month over at Shimelle’s blog, she does random lists of 10 things, with lots of people joining in the fun and sharing their own links. This month, I decided I’d come along for the ride, and decided to note 10 things I’m grateful for right now! Easy 🙂

  1. The fact that my tax refund came into my account today. I wasn’t expecting it to be that quick, but it certainly was a nice little bonus showing up!
  2. Picking up the tickets and travel arrangements for our NZ trip. It makes the trip seem so much more real and exciting when you’re there holding the tickets in your hands! I think even Michael started to get a little excited too!
  3. Getting to buy my new camera lens. I got a Canon 50mm f1.4. I’ve had this recommended to me since I first brought the DSLR last year, and decided a few weeks back when I started the Maggie Holmes photography class that I would buy it out of my tax refund if it arrived before our trip, and managed to get the last one in stock!
  4. How much tidier my craft room is, and how much bigger it looks now that I’ve cleared so much out! It’s so much more inspiring!
  5. The fun I’ve been having making a mini album for me and Michael to celebrate our anniversary trip to Canberra. I have most of the album together, and just have to sort the journalling and print the photos, which I’m aiming to do on Saturday.
  6. Stationary shopping! I love Office Works and getting to buy new stationary. Today, it was a folder to keep a second copy of all our travel documents while away, a plastic case to store my travel diary and any pamphlets and business cards I collect while away and some happy coloured pens to write in my travel diary. Oh, and a 8gb USB key to backup my photos while away
  7. Completing a crafty project that I’ve had on my list of ideas for awhile. I will be sharing more about this project soon
  8. That my sister and her fiancĂ©e could lend me and Michael snow jackets so that we don’t have to worry about hiring or buying one while we’re away
  9. Washi tape. I’m loving this stuff at the moment! I set up a mini album kit and I’ve been trying to use a few of the different tapes I have. So much fun and a great pop of colour!
  10. Michael. Things seem to be going better than ever just now, and we feel even more connected than usual. Love this guy!

I’ve been feeling rather grateful the last week or so. There seems to be so much going so well in my life right now and it’s been nice to get to celebrate it! I could add so much more to this, but better stop here for now!


4 thoughts on “10 Things August – Grateful

  1. My hubby calls stationary, the female version of Porn. BOYS! Have fun in NZ, looking forward to reading all about it, as I am thinking of heading that way next year!

    • LOL, your husband sounds rather amusing!! I like his theory though! NZ should be amazing, we’ll be in Queenstown and the surrounding areas for most of the time, but there is a lot there from what I’ve been reading!

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