Practice, Practice, Practice!

I’ve spent a good part of today working on learning how to use my camera better. I spent about an hour reading through the week 2 notes of Maggie Holmes photography class that I’m doing, and also taking down some of my own notes about shutter speed and aperture, and have today been putting it in action.

I set up my tripod in my craft room, along with some copic markers and washi tape to practice with, and I think I have a grip on aperture now. While Michael was washing his work car, I also went to try to get some pictures of flowing water in the garage, but there, I had no luck. The garage is too dark, and I didn’t seem to be able to get the water very well… Probably because the tap was only dripping at the time, though. So, I’m still stuck with shutter speed. I understand the theory of it, but not so much the application. I think I’ll be bribing Michael on Saturday to come to the park with the bike and ride around a little for me! Failing that, I’m sure I can get lots of practice in NZ with people skiing and snowboarding!

I am happy with the nice blurry backgrounds I can now get. I still want to practice a lot more, but I’m way closer than I was this morning to being able to use my camera on manual mode! Here is one of my favourite pictures from today, where I made the background nice and blurred, and then the sharper version of it, where I made it all in focus! It’s made me smile each time I’ve looked at it!!

1600 ISO, 1/30, f/4.6

1600 ISO, 0.8″, f/22

I think the second picture is a little grainy, so I probably could have put the ISO down a notch or 2, but still, I’m super pleased with the results! And as much as there is to remember, I found it pretty fun messing with the settings, and I’m super excited about it! Now to keep practising to get some good movement photos!


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