Craft Room Clean up – Part 1

I managed to cross a task off my to do list tonight that has been bothering me for months. The funny thing is, it only took me about an hour to get it done from start to finish! I decided tonight was the night that I would clean off the bookshelf in my craft room once and for all!

This shelf in my room had become a dumping ground for almost anything that didn’t have a home. Well, this shelf, and pretty much every other surface in the room! I put it in there to create a storage area though, so I decided I’d redo it so that it could compete its original task. I pulled everything off it shelf by shelf and got rid of a heap of stuff, along with moving a lot to other surfaces… Yes, I know this is technically cheating, but it helped me to get the first area done at least!

And here is the before and after 🙂



I figured this was the best spot to start in the room since it’s right next to the door. I thought it would be best if I started there and work anti-clockwise until I get to the other side of the room. My plan is to reassess everything in there, and if I don’t love it or use it, I’m going to ditch it, in the hopes of making the space more functional and inspiring. I don’t like that I have to spend a lot of time searching for things in there, so this should help solve that! I still have a long way to go, but I’m happy with the start I’ve made!


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