August Goals


August is shaping up to be a busy one! We will be attending the City2Surf and head away for 2 weeks of the month, but I still have a few goals I would like to do. Fun things, not my usual massive to do list! So far it’s been a good start to the month with awesome weather this morning, and a great sunset tonight, so hopefully it can keep up!

  • Take a photo every day for the month, and most likely share with instagram
  • Have at least one date night doing something different. Not yet sure what
  • Clear out my craft room bookshelf, so I can find a few things on there that I’ve been needing to get to
  • Learn to ski and/or snowboard
  • Try some new recipes from scratch. We’re slowly getting a list together of some good ideas we want to try
  • Start reading the Tomorrow series of books
  • Complete Maggie Holmes photography class and practice lots!
  • Do at least one crafty project
  • Enjoy at least 1-2 catch ups with family and friends in the time we’re here this month
  • Share lots of pictures from NZ!

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