Inspiration Files – July

This month I’ve been feeling even more inspired than I have of late, and I’ve seen lots of fun ideas around, so this might be a longer one!

  • Elisa Blaha’s “On Our Wall” posts. There are 5 parts to this mini series and she talks about what sort of art work she has around her house, the photos she chooses to frame, the paintings she makes and much more. So much fun! Here are the links: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4 and Part 5
  • I love this stamp set by Amy Tangerine! I plan on buying it once we’re back from NZ, along with her newest set, Ready Set Go, that will be coming out (sorry, I couldn’t find a direct link so you’ll need to scroll down). It has a globe, camera, ampersand, and mini people!! I also loved her original stamp set, Love Struck.
  • Becky Higgins had a great post on her blog with ideas for displaying photos around the house too. I’m in love with the photo wall paper, and huge set of photo canvases!
  • I’ve been flicking through the NZ Lonely Planets guide and it’s making me really look forward to our trip away! I plan on learning to ski and/or snowboard, making a snowman, reading the Tomorrow series, and taking lots of photos!
  • While in Canberra, we stayed at the Aria Hotel, a nice 4.5 star hotel where we had a one bedroom spa room. We had champagne both night and it was heaven! Michael made a great choice! ❤
  • I’ve been enjoying messing around with my camera and also working on decorating small areas of our apartment, so this post came in handy tips for photographing your home. Such practical advice, but sometimes forgotten!
  • This month I’ve been to my second copic markers class and I now have over 30 different markers. I managed to find this copic marker chart on the copics site that I plan on printing to keep track of the colours I have so I don’t end up with doubles.
  • The current TV series we’ve been watching lately is Dollhouse. I can’t believe we only discovered this recently! It’s a little sad that there are only 2 seasons of it, since I quite like it. Then again, who doesn’t love a show where the chick can kick the ass of anyone around??
  • I’m thinking of doing this class. I know I don’t have my own creative business at this point, but I think it sounds fascinating. It may that I am a have a business degree majoring in management and marketing, but it looks like a lot of fun. I thought of just getting the ebook, but it’s actually $1 more to get the ebook, and you get it free with the class anyway, so it seems like better value doing the class.
  • This etsy store makes me want to spend lots of money! I think I’ll do the more hands on version though, and make my own clay tags. I bet this would be awesome fun, and I’d get to use some of my stamps to make unique designs.
  • Lastly, this craft room makes me giddy!!! So gorgeous!! Love the bright colours and patterns everywhere! I am so having coloured walls and patterns when we have our own place!

So, there has been lots going on this month even after being sick for so long! These are just a few of the fun ideas I’ve seen around, too! Love doing these posts, it’s great to go back and look at stuff I’ve enjoyed throughout the month!



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