Happy Days!

Today has been a good day. Busy, but good! Firstly, the weather was amazing! It’s been dark and dreary all week, so it was nice to have a great weather day! Especially when we had so much driving to do… It always seems more fun driving when the weather is great!

I started the day making a good breakfast of soft-boiled eggs for me and Michael. He’s usually the breakfast maker, so it was a little different with me doing it. Turns out I did pretty good though! Usually I end up overdoing the eggs a little for our liking, but today I had it pretty spot on! Shows the day is off to a good start!

Me and Michael had to get our tax sorted today, and since our accountant is an hour an a half away, it meant a 4 hour trip. Usually we’ll go and visit Mum while we’re there, but decided we wanted to get some other stuff done this weekend, so we did our taxes, went to lunch and came home. On a good note, we both get some of the tax money back, but on a not as nice note, neither of our tax returns were as good as last year. But it’s done at least, so that’s a good thing!

Lunch was Mad Mex. I love Mexican food! I usually get a chicken and cheese quesadilla, but today decided to go for an el grande quesadilla, which is with the works. I had one with chicken, Michael had one with beef, and we both agree it was a fantastic meal! We so need to cook Mexican more at home, although we are starting to perfect home-made chilli con carne, which we both love!

When we got home, I spent a couple of  hours messing with my camera. I’m loving it so far! I’ve been on Program mode and figured out the ISO settings, and it’s interesting. I had a few issues understanding how to read the shutter speed for each of my photos to start with, but think I have figured it out, which makes me happy. Now I just have to figure it out how to use it a bit better in the dark. I’ve completed week one of the photography class now, and I’m going to work on week 2 tomorrow, which has me excited!

Michael had to catch up with one of his friends in the evening to make some arrangements for a car meet they’re hosting in November, and I decided to tag along since I had nothing else planned for the afternoon. We were just meeting at a 24 hour Krispy Kreme shop, but it turned out there was a car gathering going on there at the same time which worked out well. It was fun to go looking at all the cars around, and it was a good mix. There was a LOT of cars around, mostly done up. There was a good mix of older, classic cars, along with newer ones as well. Some were amazing! Someone had a Charger they’d done up to look like the General Lee from the Dukes of Hazard, as well… Loved that car! There was another one that had the most amazing paint job… It was metallic red through purple. It’s weird since I don’t usually like the cars that change colour (especially the green, blue, purple version!), but this one pulled it off amazingly! It made for a very fun night though! We weren’t going to stay out late, but ended up being gone for 3 hours or so.

We saw a decent accident in the carpark though. Two cars were parked next to each other, and as one left, it scraped all the front corner of the other, badly enough to have bent the front bumper and make a crack halfway along the windscreen… Ouch! We left a note for the person whose car was hit though, mentioning the details of the car that hit him, since the other guy drove off, so they can contact us as witnesses. I would cry if I saw that had happened to my car!

Such a happy day! If the weather keeps up tomorrow, then we have another relaxing day ahead, with a lunch date at the beach, a few hours working on some crafty projects, and more time practising with my camera. Super excited for it!


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