Me, Myself and I

I was … greatly enjoying having a 4 day weekend where we had a couple of days away. It was super relaxing and enjoyable, and I got to spend the time with my favourite person! Champagne, a spa in the room, and buffet breakfasts are also a bonus I quite enjoyed!

I am … really looking forward to going to NZ next month! I can’t wait to try skiing and snowboarding and exploring somewhere we’ve never been before. We have a hire car as well, so I’ll be able to say I’ve driven in another country!

I think … way to much, and need to learn how to relax more! It will be good for my stress levels too! Maybe I should start mediating, although I think that would make me fall asleep!

I wonder … if I’ll ever manage to figure out the manual settings for my camera. I know it will eventually come to me automatically, but in the meantime, it’s frustrating! I need a good solid few days to get to mess around, along with willing subjects… There are only so many flower and food photos I can take before wanting to photograph something different!

I wish … that the standard work week was only 4 days, and that the 3 day weekend was always relaxing rather than having a million and one things to do!

I save … way too many crafty things that I intend to use, and they sit aside for the perfect project and never seem to be used. I need to stop doing this so much!

I always … brush my teeth right before bed or before heading out to go anywhere. I can’t stand it if they feel icky or waking up with horrible breath!

I can’t imagine … my life without being able to take photos and do crafty stuff! It would be so boring and uninspiring! I know I don’t do as much of it as I want to, but not doing anything would be horrible!

I believe … things are going pretty well overall. I’m in a happy place right now, with a sweet guy, good apartment, stable job, and no loans to be paid off! We’re looking at buying a place, and I’m enjoying coming up with plans to decorate it. I believe it will be a very “us” place once it’s done!

I promise … to avoid spending as much money as possible for the next couple of weeks before we head to NZ so that we can have an enjoyable trip without coming back broke!

I love … that we have managed to cook together the last couple of nights without driving each other crazy like we usually do! I want us to cook together way more, since it can actually be fun! I’m looking forward to a homemade pizza night to test this out!

I scrap … very little. As much as I enjoy it, I tend not to do it often since I’m terrible at developing photos. I want to start doing some of my travel albums though, since I enjoy travelling so much. Bali will probably be the first one, using my Bali album that I got there.


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