Today’s Musings

  • Banana bread is an awesome breakfast! Especially with a caramel latte after a walk to work… Need to get out of this habit quickly!
  • Work drags on so much when you’re recovering from being sick. I still feel like I could sleep an extra 8 hours each day!
  • It is so much harder to go back to the gym after a week and a bit off than it is to continue going regularly. I feel like I’ve undone all the work I’ve done over the last month by getting sick!
  • Peters Original vanilla ice cream is the best ice cream ever!! I’m so hooked on this stuff, so it’s good we only get ice cream once every 6 months or so
  • I’m testing out a little laptop from Michael’s work at the moment, and while I definitely wouldn’t like it as a day-to-day laptop, I think it would be perfect while travelling since I’d be able to read ebooks on flights and copy photos off my camera each night easily. I think I’ll test it properly while in NZ next month
  • Only 4 weeks left until City 2 Surf and I’m so not ready! I’m not sure I will be in time, but I just want to go and complete it, so I can see what it’s like and do better next year for it. At least this time I’ll have a year to train, rather than 2 months because of my laziness!
  • We booked 2 nights away for our anniversary at the end of this week, and I’m looking forward to it so much! The hotel looks awesome and we have a spa in the room!!! Along with champagne and buffet breakfasts both days 🙂 So excited!
  • We still need to book NZ… We really should do it soon!
  • I have a long list of projects I want to do, and stuff for some, but not enough stuff to complete any of them… It’s frustrating, and I’ve been too sick to go shopping. I can’t wait until I’m feeling a lot better for a trip to Kmart and a trip to Bunnings! I should start getting the shopping list going!
  • I’m super glad that my loan is paid off. It’s nice when your pay increases by 1/3 each pay! It means that I can actually catch up buying a few things I need and doing a few classes I want, and spending way to much on copic markers!
I did have a different post planned but didn’t get it all written today, so I’ll leave it until next time rather than rushing it, and will head to bed now to catch up on some much needed sleep!! Goodnight!

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