Copic Love!

I have finally tried copics and I’m hooked! I went to a beginners class last month, and then an intermediate one yesterday, and they’re so much fun! I’m still not the best at it, but I have a heaps of stamped images to practice on, and my marker collection has grown to 31 different ones, with lots of different colours. If you haven’t tried these, you so should!

In the beginners class, we did stuff like making embellishments, learnt a few different blending techniques and how to blend different colours together. In the intermediate class, we leant how to do shadows and highlights, colour black and white, paper piercing, and how to do hair and skin. Below are my practices from the first class, and then the girls we worked on in the second class. My favourite one I’ve done is my redhead girl in the green dress though!

I’m now planning on buying a heap of stamps and digital images so that I can keep working on colouring and come up with ideas for cards. I’m not sure what stamps to buy though, but I think I might start out with the girl image that I’ve been practicing with, along with some basics like balloons, birthday cake, some hollow letters, and some fancy boxes I can colour and stamp greetings in. I still need to get a momento ink, but each time I’ve tried, they’ve been out, but I have stocked up on some X-Press blending cardstock, and love it!

I really love the work the instructor does though. She has some awesome images! Here are some of her samples that she had out for the class.

I meant to post this last night, but due to having such a full on weekend and also forgetting my memory card adaptor to copy photos while at my sister’s last night, it didn’t happen. I should be back tomorrow with a post again though.


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