I’ve finally started using the instagram app on my phone… After having it for over a year! I have to say, I’m hooked! I love the filters on there, and have fun testing each one out on each photo I want to edit. I’ve never been big on using my iPhone camera, but since I’ve started using this app, I’m back to taking a photo most days without even trying to!

Today, I even found an Instagram cheat sheet on Pinterest, which was fun to read through and gave me some ideas for things I didn’t know. I think I’ll be referring back to it a few more times yet for more ideas!

If anyone wants to check out more of my pics, you can do a search for j3ss1c4 and you can take a peek 🙂

On a side note, these were taken with the original iPhone 4. I’m debating on upgrading in a month or 2, but don’t know if it’s worth it, or if I should wait until the next iPhone model is out. Is the camera all that much better? Any advice?


2 thoughts on “Instagramed!

  1. Hi Jess. I understand that even the iPhone 4S has better optics than the 4 and that the iPhone5 will be another step forward (but I’m no expert) I’m waiting for the 5 to be released later this year (my first smart phone!) 🙂

    • If its out this year in Aus as well, I think I’ll hold off on the new phone for a little longer then! And you’ll love having a smart phone! There are great apps for pretty much anything you like, and you can have Internet and camera everywhere in one!! Hope it all goes well for you when you get it!

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