On being Sick

Being sick sucks! I don’t like it one little bit! I managed to make it to my session with the personal trainer on Saturday, and afterwards, when running, I thought I was going to pass out, I ended up so dizzy. I went home, and slept all afternoon and that’s how it all started. Since then, I’ve done nothing but sleep, eat, and read. So far I’ve had 2 days off work, and have at least one more to try to shake it. I was hoping for a crafty weekend, and end up being too tired to do much of anything! Even Michael has had a cold all week too!

Turns out I have an upper respiratory infection and ear infections. Explains why I’ve been so dizzy and light-headed, and why I feel so blocked up. On the plus side, my blood pressure is back to normal though. I just hope the antibiotics help it nice and quickly!

I’ve started reading the Hunger Games books finally, as well. I managed to read the whole first one on Sunday, and the started the second one on Monday. I have to say, I’m well impressed. Contrary to what Michael thinks, I think Suzanne Collins did a great job explaining a lot of information about the Hunger Games than what the movie did, and I’m well impressed with how the second book is shaping up so far! I’m even looking forward to starting book 3, which should happen tomorrow… At this rate, I’ll easily be finished the series by the weekend!

I had no intention of missing blogging when I first started getting sick, since I didn’t think it would get this bad, but this is the first time I’ve even turned the computer on since Saturday, so those intentions didn’t work out at all for me. I must admit though, I’ve been really enjoying the computer free time! It’s nice to get away from it for a few days while I work on recovering.

Even my happy mail day on Saturday didn’t cheer me up. Michael brought back 3 parcels from Mum’s for me, and I got to open them all. I have my new chevron fabric now, along with my Thailand Lonely Planets guide and my Studio Calico stamp set. I’m looking forward to starting to work on the stamp class that goes with it when I’m feeling a little better… Card making, here I come! I have to make Dad a birthday card, and one of the girls from work a congratulations card for her new arrival due this week, so hopefully I can get started tomorrow.

I am feeling a little better than I was, although still having trouble sleeping at night, so hopefully over the next few days I can get back to my real life, rather than the miserable mess I have been the last few days! Next post should even have some photos to go with it!


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