31 Things – You

Ali’s 6th prompt in her 31 Things class is You. This was a nice easy one to work on, and I really enjoyed it. It was a nice break for the last couple of prompts, which I struggled with a lot more. 

Age: 26

Favourite part of my day: Walking in the door after work, seeing  a clean house and my sweet man

Loving: The fact that I’ve been going to the gym regularly for 2 weeks now, feeling stronger, breathing better (apart from the cold I’m getting), eating well, and all round feeling more calm and centred

Longing for: 19th of July, when me and Michael both have a 4 day weekend to celebrate our 3 year anniversary!

Inspired by: Seeing the before and after photos being emailed in the Photo Finish class I’m doing at Big Picture Classes. Can’t wait until I can find some time to make some of my photos look so amazing! Planning decorating and crafty projects to do over the course of the next year is also awesomely inspiring too!

Dreaming of: A weekend of reading the Hunger Games books and crafting. Hoping this weekend is it! Plan to start knitting a blanket and finish up the June prompt for One Little Word.

Needing: To buy shares in Kleenex with the amount of tissues I’m going through this week!

Navigating: Learning a new skill set at work, and taking calls that I’ve never had to deal with before. Wondering how long it will take for things to get easier, especially when we only get about half a dozen calls a day for that skill.

Struggling with: Time management. I used to spend so much more time with Michael, cooking, crafting, writing and online on forums and blogs. Now that I’ve added the gym to the mix, I’m struggling to find balance again. I’m hoping to start making more time at work to get some of the things done off my to do list, so that I can keep fitting the important things in at home (Michael and good food being the highest priorities at the moment)

Knowing: In time, my life will settle down and become more balanced. I’ll be calmer and more centred and better able to make use of my time as my priorities sort themselves out. That in 6 weeks time, I’ll be participating in City 2 Surf, then going on a 2 week ski trip just after, so all the aches and frustration that I’m going through now with a trainer will be well worth it in the end!

The Best: That I get to come home each day to a man I love and who’s crazy about me in return, that we’re looking at buying a place together, and eventually elope and start a family. That I’m working hard fitness-wise, and already seeing results in some areas. The fact that I’m feeling super inspired with so many projects that I want to get started on as soon as I have time

The Worst: The lack of time I seem to have now that I’m at the gym upwards of 6 hours a week. You don’t know how much you end up missing that time until you don’t have it! The constant aching muscles from working out. I am yet to have 1 day since I started at the gym 2 weeks ago where I don’t have at least once muscle aching! I’m well looking forward to stairs not hurting my legs again!

And a random 10 things about me right now:

  1. I want to get married to Michael in Paris or Hawaii. Or somewhere else tropical. A small wedding, with lots of travelling instead. Only the most important family and friends. Lots of pictures. I’m already coming up with ideas for this wedding, and I’m not even engaged yet!
  2. I have now completed 3 runs in the Couch to 5km running program. I have the app, Get Running, on my phone to help me get there. I’m loving the focus it gives me. I almost died after the first 3 out of 8 runs the first day I did it, but now I’m feeling much more confident with it.
  3. I have a renewed love of drinking water lately. I’ve drunk water as my drink of choice for years now, but find it especially good now that I’m working out
  4. I am currently working on quite a few different online classes (One Little Word, 31 Things, More More Eat Well, Photo Finish, Summer Stamp School, and soon, Maggie Holmes photography class). I am loving it! Although I need to spend some good focused time on each. Can’t wait to get the stamp set for Summer Stamp School, as well!
  5. I think I could live off the vegetarian omelette’s Michael has been making lately. He’s getting really good at it! Love the mix of some of my favourite veggies in there, especially mushrooms, shallots and capsicum!
  6. I am super excited now that the messy corner of the lounge now shows floor again. This project has been bugging me for months, and I managed to get it done in about 4 hours. The amount of rubbish we got rid of was amazing!
  7. We don’t have a bed here at the moment. Michael managed to break the frame, so our mattress is on the ground. I want to buy something nice so that it’s no longer on the ground, but Michael wants to make one. This is a debate we’ve been having for about 3 months now… So far, he’s winning, but he still hasn’t started making it yet!
  8. I’m excitedly planning a snow trip to NZ with Michael to learn to ski and snowboard in August. Neither of us have tried either one of these before, so it should be fun! I’m also planning a girls trip with Mum and my sister’s to Thailand in February, as soon as the travel agent stops giving us the run around (I’m not counting on this though, since we’ve been trying to book the Thailand trip since January!)
  9. I still haven’t put my photos and words together in Photoshop for my Week in the Life project this year! Thinking I need to hijack Michael’s computer for a few hours one day soon so I can really focus on getting it done. I know it won’t take too long once I start, since I have all the photos and words done already and just need to get it all in basic templates.
  10. I have stayed up way to late doing this, and now have decided I need  to sleep, since I’ve been up way to late already!

If you want to see the earlier prompts, you can check out Jewellery here, Morning here, Read here, Spirit here and Conversation here.


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