Gym time!!

I had a completely different post planned for tonight, but had a late shift at work and dragged myself to the gym after and I’m exhausted!! I’ve now become a member there and gone basically every second day, and I have to say, so far I’m loving it!

I haven’t ached this much for so long, but it’s good, because it makes me feel like I’m working my body and getting somewhere. My flexibility is noticeably improving, as is my stamina and determination. I’m even already noticing improvements in my training results, and overall, I’ve been way more positive. I do have the issue of weak muscles though, and get cramps in my calves every time I’m there.

I had my first session with a personal trainer yesterday before work. I thought she’d kill me with it, but she started off with a fitness assessment and showed me some stretches and basic weights to help with my running goal. I felt so relaxed when I left, although my body did ache today!

I’m proud of dragging myself to the gym after work as well. I’ve been on 8pm finishes, but still making it there and working my butt off for up to an hour each time. Not bad since I also walk 20 minutes each way for work and 5 minutes each way to the gym along with at least 10 minutes if stretching and push ups, squats and the likes at home! It’s definitely helping me to be more determined and focused!

I just wanted to give an update, because I am really excited about this journey me and Michael have started on and wanted to share!



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