Officially 26 :-)

So it’s official… I turned 26 yesterday! Some birthday highlights include:

  • going to a beginners copics class at Pages 2 Scrap on Saturday morning
  • Dinner at Bec’s place with Michael, Bec and Zane, Samantha and Dad. My favourite slice (hedgehog slice) made by Samantha for dessert!
  • Picnic at Kanning Cave, in Kincumber with Michael, Mum, Bec and Zane and Samantha. We ate on top of the cave after climbing up!
  • The best birthday cake every… A rainbow layered cake that Bec made me!
  • Having a birthday banner and badge set up for me when I arrived at work on Monday, and a birthday cake and card from all the work people on Tuesday
  • Michael making me my favourite brekky of soft boiled eggs before work on my birthday, then taking me to dinner after work when we sat hanging out for a couple of hours eating and drinking cocktails.
  • All the birthday messages on my phone, facebook and email.
  • The nice sunset while walking home today… Technically it’s not a birthday moment, but I thought I’d throw it in anyway!

And some photos from the celebrations:


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