Telling your Story in 5 Photos – June

Today I’m linking up with Jenny at Learn with Jenny for her “Telling your Story in 5 Pictures challenge”. Every month, she’s doing a link up with 5 prompts to photograph, and this month they prompts are something you can’t live without, a favourite snack, your ride, weekend routine, and a place you get your food.

 Something you can’t live without – My iPhone. I don’t talk on it much, but I like being able to check the internet on the go along with listening to podcasts on the walk to and from work. I don’t really play games on there, but there are a few apps I use regularly, mostly tapatalk, pinterest, safari, Facebook, email, netbanking and WordPress. I’ve recently installed HootSuite, although I’m yet to properly figure out twitter. Photography-wise, I love plastic bullet, and I’ve decided to start trying out some of the other apps I have on here like instagram and camera+

A favorite snack – At the moment, I’ve been working on eating less processed foods. This means that I am eating more fruit. I’m aiming for a minimum of one piece per day, but most days I’m eating 2 or 3 pieces. I’m actually liking it, even though I’ve never been a big fruit eater. My favourites at the moment are mandarins, green apples, bananas and strawberries.

Your ride – My ride is a 1992 Nissan Sylvia. The real kind… One that is actually imported from Japan. She’s in desperate need for a paint job, but oh, how I love her. Only problem is, she’s an auto, and I miss driving a stick like crazy!

Weekend routine – My favourite part of our weekend routine is sleeping in, lounging around in bed on the phone or laptop, and then getting up to Michael’s soft-boiled eggs with toast soldiers. Seriously the best brekky ever! It’s such a special thing that he does for me, and it’s the best getting to have such a relaxing and slow start to the morning!

A place you get your food – We tend to do groceries at Coles, since it’s so close, and I have a staff discount card there. It’s about a 2 minute drive or 10 minute walk. It tends to have everything we need, although not always in bigger sizes, which can be quite frustrating for the things we buy regularly, like margarine and cereal. It’s usually a nightmare to park there, too! When we feel super adventurous on the weekends, we’ll sometimes head to the farmers markets too.


2 thoughts on “Telling your Story in 5 Photos – June

  1. Love these pictures Jess! I’m a huge green apple fan so I smiled when I saw your picture. I’m usually overruled by my red apple family. I have loved looking at all the different grocery stores all over the world. I’ve never heard of Coles.
    I’m a huge breakfast fan so Michael gets big bonus points from me! Thanks for linking up. Really enjoyed reading your stories.

    • Thanks Jenny! I’m the same as you… Always outnumbered as the only green apple eater here too! I still buy my green apples though! Coles is one of the main supermarkets here in Australia, along with Woolworths. They seem to hold the biggest market share, although there are other smaller ones around.

      I’m sure Michael will like hearing he gets bonus points for making brekky each weekend too! He knows how special I think it is as well!

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