31 Things – Spirit

Prompt 4 in Ali’s 31 Things class is about spirit. I actually struggled with this prompt quite a lot, since I’m not really religious. A lot of my thoughts on this subject are pretty personal, so I’ve decided just to share 2 of the stories from growing up. I don’t really have any photos this week though. As challenging as this was, I still liked the prompt since it forced me to really think.

When I was little, me, Bec and Samantha used to go to Sunday School. Our family isn’t hugely religious, but our Uncle Lloyd used to go there, so we went with him. There was a family that lived near us, the Millers, who used to pick us up each week and drive us out there, since they had a big car that could fit us, along with their 3 kids. The church we went to had a train carriage out the front, where we used to do Sunday School sometimes, although usually it was in a room out the back of the church. I used to always love the days we were in the train carriage though. When they remodelled the church a few years ago, they actually took away train, which was rather sad. I don’t remember a lot about the Sunday school itself, but I used to enjoy going, because it was always fun seeing the Millers, and they became quite good friends. I even worked with one of their girls who was my age when I got my first job. One of my favourite things about going to church each week that we did was to walk to the shops near the church afterwards to get $5 hot chips, which we then shared on the car ride home. It was a really nice tradition that we had.

As weird as this may be, I actually believe in spirits. There was one night when I was about 17, where I was driving home with my ex after a night out at a friends. We were driving along next to a train track, and I heard screeching brakes, screaming and a loud crash that sounded like a train hitting something. I freaked out about hearing a train crash and told my ex that we need to pull over and call the cops, and he thought I was crazy since he hadn’t heard anything at all. It made no sense to me why he didn’t hear anything, since I could hear everything in so much detail! I told some friends about it, one of which was a train driver, and he looked into it, and it turns out that years and years ago, there was actually a train crash on that train line in the same spot that we had driven past. I’ve always thought it was creepy to have heard a ghost train crash so far into the future from when it happened, but I’m certain that was what I heard that night. Another time, we were driving along a deserted street and I saw a young girl walking along the street alone in a white dress, and I told my ex that he should stop to offer help since it was so late at night. Again, he thought I was crazy since he didn’t see anyone. I’ve woken up once and seen a girl with long dark hair leaning over me as I slept as well. I know that is should be creepy, but when I woke up and saw her, I felt quite peaceful. I’ve always thought of her as my guardian angel looking over me. She’s actually popped up a few times over the years, although not for a while now. I kind of shied away from anything spirit related at about 19 or 20 after the train crash incident, since it freaked me out so much

I know all these things probably make me  sound crazy, but I’m not the only person I know that has seen spirits in this way. One girl I know used to see and communicate to spirits regularly, and as a teen, I’d tried seances on the prompting of other friends as well, although these always ended up being rather scary, especially the night me and a friend tried one at home. We came out to tell Mum about it, since the spirit said something about kill and we were rather freaked out. I heard the front door close, and didn’t think anything of it, and Mum told us to go in and pack up, so we did. Just as we walked into the room, there was a bang at the window and we both screamed and ran out. As soon as I hit the door though, I realised that Dad had snuck out the front to come around and scare us! He walked back into the house laughing like crazy at us, which I don’t blame him for! Even we found it rather funny. He actually got away with doing the same thing to Bec a few years later as well.

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