26 Projects @ 26

During 2011, Elise Blaha started on a journey to create 26 projects before her 27th birthday. I’ve read and reread the posts, and have been super inspired to create things from it, so I’ve decided that since I’m turning 26 on Tuesday, I’m going to give it a try.

Elise’s aim was to make 26 medium to big projects over the course of the year, that were for her, or as gifts, and she ruled out any scrapbook or food projects. If you want to see some ideas Elise made, then  you can check out her 26 projects on her blog.

I’m changing things slightly though, and I’m planning on including any big photo projects. So, if I make a photo book of one of our overseas trips, I’ll count it for example. If I successfully complete December Daily, it counts. I don’t know that I’ll have all that many big photo projects though.

I have a few ideas already, some inspired by Elise’s projects, others from Pinterest, and some completely my own ideas. As I do each one, I’ll post them here. I’m hoping a lot will be decor related, since we’re hoping we get a place some time over the next year. I’m sure there will be times when I struggle with inspiration, but having a couple of ideas is a good start. If anyone has any cool ideas, feel free to link them through!

I’m excited for the year ahead!!


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