Michael’s Carbonara


  • bacon
  • mushroom
  • pasta
  • light cream
  • an egg
  • garlic
  • parmesan

This is yet another recipe where I don’t really measure ingredients. Start by getting some water boiling for the pasta, and getting the pasta on.

While the pasta is cooking, dice the bacon, and then cook in a small amount of oil, along with some garlic.

Chop up the mushrooms, and add to the garlic and bacon mix and cook as much as you like it done.

Once ready, drain the pasta, and add to the bacon and mushroom mix.

Stir through cream and a beaten egg, season with pepper and heat through until the cream is warm.

Serve with a sprinkle of parmesan cheese to taste.

I have a thing for creamy pasta dishes. I know how bad they are for me, but I like them oh so much! I don’t eat pasta often though, so it’s ok enough, I guess. Tonight Michael was the one to cook. He does things so differently to me when I make carbonara, since he cooks the bacon more and the mushroom less and actually adds cheese right through the pasta, but it was still good. Much more unhealthy than my version, but good all the same!

I’m excited about trying some new recipes over the winter. It’ll be good to experiment and find some new meals to cook. I want to try cooking with Michael a bit more as well, since usually it’s either me or him cooking alone. Might as well make the most of all the extra time inside together!


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