Around here…

Around here I have been messing around with publisher to help create invites for Bec’s wedding, since she stayed last night so we could get them started

Around here me and Michael looked at 4 places that are up for sale as well, one of which was way worse than expected, one of which was way better, and 2 that we couldn’t agree about (we both liked opposite ones)

Around here I’ve spent quite a few hours at the shops today with Bec as well, buying winter PJ’s, fabric for a curtain, notebooks and a 6×6 album. I searched about a dozen shops for a few weeks in July trying to get an album this size!

Around here Michael made omelette for dinner. This is his first attempt, and it turned out pretty good!

Around here I’ve spent the evening a few episodes of Once Upon a Time and Game of Thrones, while making a little teddy bear for a friend who is having a baby in about a month. I love the bear I originally made with this template when I was about 12. I’m also debating on other present ideas. After being at the craft shop today, I’m thinking a cute no-sew baby blanket. Any ideas are welcome though!

Around here I’m remembering how great random crafting can be and how much I like sewing at times

Around here I’m loving the new flannelette PJ’s since they’re so much warmer than the cotton ones I had!

Around here I’m up way to late as always, but I’m super glad to get to sleep in tomorrow morning!


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