Inspiration Files – May

A few things inspiring me this week:

  • Maggie Holmes Designs Photography 101 class. I’d love to do this if I get a chance, although it’s a bit over budget at the moment, so I can’t just yet.
  • Photo Finish by Elisha Snow. I do quite a lot of classes at Big Picture Classes. I love their format and their instructors. This one looks like a lot of fun, although having a laptop that doesn’t like photoshop too much makes it harder!
  • Way too many links at Writer Digest! I started looking up random blogging tips, and having a business degree in marketing, I started reading about online blog promotion for books, and it went from there. I found quite a bit of interesting stuff to read!
  • Dave Ramsey and his Total Money Makeover program. I haven’t signed up, but I think I’ll read his book sometime soon. Since we’re looking at buying a place, my interest in money management has increased again. On another happy note, I will have my personal loan completely paid off in 2 weeks!!
  • Pinterest Home Decor section! I’m hoping that in the next year or so we will become home owners, and I figure that it’s my duty as a crafty person to start coming up with decorating ideas! I think the next few months will expand my Pinterest pins a lot! Especially in the decorating categories!

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