This Weekend

This weekend has been surprisingly productive, way more than usual. Michael came home late Friday night, and we sat up chatting for a bit before bed, but didn’t do much else, since we knew we had such a busy weekend ahead.

On Saturday morning, we got up early and headed in to Michael’s work to pick up some car parts that had been delivered. We then stopped at Super Cheap Auto on the way home to get a few more things we needed, such as a finer grade sand paper and some buckets. After that, we went on to Bunnings to buy a solid garage shelf to organise an area of the lounge room that has been annoying me for a while.

When we got back home, we cleaned out the a fair bit of the garage. It took us a few hours to do it, and we ended up getting rid of 3 bins worth of old car parts that are no longer needed, old clothes that were stacked down there to become rags that were never really used, plenty of empty boxes and lots of general rubbish. I even swept about 5 years worth of dust out! There is now enough room for Michael to fit his car in there again!

After cleaning the garage, Michael put a new battery in his car to get it going again, which is great news! He’s missed his car lately, since he always seems to have it in getting upgrades done to it. When he got it home from the mechanics this time, he found out the new battery in it was faulty, but had to wait until arriving home from Victoria before he could pick up the new one.

We started on my car next. It’s had one of the headlights playing up for a while, so it wasn’t really able to be driven at night. We’ve messed around with it once before, but with no luck, so tonight we decided that we’d get it done. We thought it was a burnt out connector, so we looked around for about 2 weeks to get a new one, and then had to wait for it to be shipped, but it finally arrived, so we started by switching out the connector. Luckily Michael is good with car electronics, and it didn’t take him too long to get it done. Turns out that this didn’t fix the problem like we thought it would though, so it was back to trying to find out the issue again. I ended up searching online to try to find wiring guides for the car, with minimal luck, and I couldn’t even find a translation for my fuse box cover, which is in Japanese since it’s an import. I spent a few hours searching with no luck, and started to get very frustrated. Michael finally found the problem was the contacts on the indicator stalk not connecting properly when the lights were flicked on, so he messed with it for a bit and managed to get it working. What’s funny about the whole thing is that about 3 hours before, I found a forum that basically said all the headlight problems in this model of car were pretty much due to those contacts messing up, and how to fix them, but Michael had tested with a multimeter and it was coming back that there were no issues, so he ignored it!

While Michael was messing with the electronics, I spent some time sanding back and polishing the plastic cover for my dash. Ever since I first got the car, it’s been cloudy and hard to see through in places, like something corrosive had been used to clean it, so we pulled it out to try to fix it up. I spent about an hour sanding it back, then polished it about 5 times with cutting polish, then normal polish, and now, it’s awesome! You can see through it so clearly and it looks so much better! All up, we spent about 9 hours getting my car going and came upstairs again at about midnight feeling quite happy that it was finally sorted! We’re starting to rack up quite a few hours of work on the electronics of this car now, though!

Today we started up by having a decent brekky together of soft-boiled eggs, before cleaning the kitchen and doing 3 loads of washing. We decided to take Michael’s car for a test drive to make sure it was going ok, so we headed to Jaycar to buy some replacement heat shrink since we’ve used so much over the past few months doing work on the car electronics. After that, we took his work car to the car wash and sat around reading the newspaper and drinking coffee while we waited. We have to have his car washed every week since it’s a work car, and it’s a nice tradition sitting down reading while we wait!

Afterwards we came home and hit a couple of spots on the car with touch up paint. It’s meant to be the same colour, but it doesn’t look quite right, but at least it’s done! We came inside and I started assembling the garage shelf with Michael’s assistance. Late in the afternoon, we got a call from his parents to come around for dinner since it was his Mum’s birthday a few days ago, so we left shortly after. It was a fantastic meal as always, and was super nice to hang out by the fire chatting!

We didn’t get home until about 9pm, and I’ve packed everything up on the shelf so it’s nice and neat. It’s only one small section done, but it’s a start at least. It’s going to take a while to get it to a stage where I’m happy with it all though. I still have to make a curtain for the shelf though. I’m hoping next time we head to the Central Coast, we’ll be able to get Michael’s work ute to drop the spare bed off at Mum’s so we can get in to the last shelf more easily. I’ll have some before and after pics once the whole wall is done though, which hopefully won’t be too far from now!

I was hoping to get more writing prompts done for Ali’s 31 Things class, but since it’s getting so late, I think I’ll  leave it for now, and then try to get some ideas down while I’m at work tomorrow instead.

I love having Michael back. We make such a good team!


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