Plastic Bullet

Awhile back, when I was listening to a Paperclipping Roundtable episode, an iPhone app called plastic bullet was mentioned. I decided to try it out, even though I rarely use my phone for photos and was pleasantly surprised!


The app only cost me $1.99 and I’ve loved some of the results! I really should try my phone camera more, so I can run some of my pictures through fun apps like this!


I love how dramatic and bold the pictures come out! With this app, you can choose the picture you want to use, then it will run it through 4 random filters at a time, which you can the save if you like the results.


No, I don’t get anything out of posting this app, I’ve just had some serious fun playing with it! Next up, I think I’ll test instagram, which I’ve never really used.


Since I always have a really point and soot camera with me, I don’t end up thinking to use the phone much, but seeing as it’s so much fun, hopefully I’ll be able to add more phone pictures!


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