31 Things – Jewellery

This month I’m taking part in Ali Edwards 31 Things class. In this class, there are 31 one word writing prompts that are emailed out each day. I’m a few days behind already due to becoming hooked on Revenge, but I caught up the first prompt today. I was rather surprised at home much I ended up writing! I doubt I’ll write this much for all of the prompts, but I’m happy to have so much down that I can add to at a later date!

I’m planning on posting my take on each one of the writing prompts about once each week, along with any photos I have to go with them.

I’m not a big jewellery person. I don’t go out a lot, so I don’t need to dress up a lot, but I still have quite a bit of the stuff. Some I cherish, others I have little regard for, and I definitely need to purge it all. I guess I take after Mum in the jewellery department (makeup, too), in the fact that neither of us really wears it. She has 3 sets of ear piercings, yet doesn’t wear earrings, and even after being married for over 20 years, she didn’t even wear her wedding ring.

My jewellery wearing started as a kid. Mum took me to get my ears pierced for the first time when I was 3. I don’t really remember it, because it was so long ago. I decided at 11 that I wanted a second set of ear piercings, so I used my birthday money that year to get them done again. I had them pierced with cute little star studs, which are a nightmare to unclip when I need to take them out, being the nail biter that I am. Even though I’ve changed them overtime, I still keep coming back to my little, gold stars, which I’m wearing right now. I had a few problems with the second piercing, mostly the fact that hair tangled around one shortly after getting it done, and ripped through the piercing when I took it out to change it. I can’t complain about it too much compared to my final piercing attempt. At about 16, me, Mum, Bec and Bec’s friend all went and got the top of our ear pierced, where the cartilage is. It didn’t hurt much during the process, but I had infections in the piercing for about 2 years after. I thought about taking it out on so many occasions, but always decide against it. The last few years I’ve thought about getting it done again just above this one as well, although always seem to hold off due to the troubles last time. I don’t take my earrings out much though, and rarely change them over, except when I want to wear some big ones out.

I’m not sure why, but I’ve always had a fascination with piercings. I wanted my eyebrow, tongue and lip done for years, right through high school and awhile after. Even now, I still like the piercings, but knowing that I was likely to work in an office, I always held off getting any facial piercings since they’re so hard to hide. Nose piercings are one that I’ve never liked or wanted though. I don’t even know why, but it’s just never interested me. And dermal piercings are just weird to me… I know a few people that have them done, and I find it a little disturbing.

When I was a kid, I tried my hand at making jewellery. I loved crafty stuff anyway, so it made sense to make some of my own. I made friendship bracelets for years, and still have a lot of them. I loved the colours and patterns, and playing with the string. It was a time consuming process, but oh so peaceful!

I upgraded to making beaded jewellery when the Bead-Azzle shop opened at Tuggerah. They had so many fancy beads, in lots of colours and styles, and they even run jewellery making classes. I went there to make a dream catcher and sun catcher at one stage. Their stuff was super affordable compared to what you get these days, though. I remember you used to get a tub of beads about the size of a film canister, sometimes mixed, sometimes in the one colour, and they were only $3… Now you get half as much, for twice as much! I kept all my beads and jewellery supplies in a kids jewellery box that had a section underneath and a divided section on top. I loved being able to carry it around with everything together, except for Dad’s pliers which I had to raid from his tool box each time.

Mum did ceramics for awhile when I was a teenager, and I went along a few nights when she was there. I’ve never been much of a painter, but painting the ceramics was always fun! I actually made a jewellery box there one time too. It’s blue, with a gold star on the top, and to this day, I still have it, and still use it, although it’s in desperate need of sorting! I’m so glad that I got to make it though, and loved the time spent with Mum doing something we both enjoyed so much.

When it comes to real jewellery, the grown up kind, my preference is silver or white gold. I don’t know why, but I don’t really like the colouring of normal gold, and dislike rose gold even more. I think a lot of it comes down to the fact that I had really tan skin when I was younger, and the silver stood out against it more. It works out well though, since I’m also allergic to gold. It’s a trait that runs through Mum’s side of the family. I used to have a couple of gold bangles as a kid, and necklaces too, but they would give me rashes if I wore them for too long, which would itch like mad and look terrible. For my 18th birthday, Uncle Glenn actually gave me a really nice gold bracelet, that to this day, I’ve only ever wore that night. I suppose he wasn’t to know I’m allergic.

When I was a teenager, I loved cross necklaces. I’m not religious, but there was something I found mesmerising about them, and I still have a few of them. I had one that I wore for years, but all the stones started falling out of it, so it’s since retired to the back of the jewellery box. The girls actually brought me another one a few years back that I still have out and wear on occasion as well. I really like it.

I always wanted a locket as well. I never had one when I was little, and always thought they were amazing and special. The first locket I ever got was actually a present from my ex, although I picked it out. He promised for years while we were together that he was going to get pictures for it, but it never ended up happening. I still have the locket, but I haven’t worn it since long before we split up. It still has some significance to me, but due to the breakup being so messy, I wasn’t interested in wearing it ever again.

While at uni, I had a job running poker tournaments, and even when I wasn’t working, I was out playing. This is when I really discovered my fascination with costume jewellery. I used to wear earrings a lot at poker, and it was a case of the bigger, the better. Most of them were cheap, since you can usually buy the sets for between $2 and $10, and I still have way too many pairs. I don’t wear any of them as often as they deserve anymore though. I still love them, but being so cheap, they naturally aren’t the best quality and have started to tarnish.

On the note of tarnishing jewellery, come to think of it, most of it has gotten tarnished over time, and really should be taken to be cleaned properly and given the care it deserves. At the very least, the more expensive items should get a trip in to the jewellers, like my watch and a few necklaces and rings.

I used to keep all of my jewellery in a jewellery box that lives on my desk. It has draws down one side, and a hanging section on the other, and plays music when the top is open. I used to love how much it fitted, but as I brought more and more earrings, they collection spread. I tried using hanging jewellery racks shaped like fancily dressed women, but this never completely felt right either. In the end, I decide to make a jewellery rack. The plan was to build it from pieces of wood, and have it free standing, but in the end, I came up with the idea to convert photo frames for the purpose. This was shortly after I met Michael, and I sat on the phone to him on night while pulling the frames apart and screwing in screws. I used 2 A4 frames, and took the glass and backing out, then strung 2 strings across the centre of each frame for earrings, and put cup hooks along the bottom for necklaces, rings and bracelets. This has worked remarkably well for me, and I really like having everything out and on display, although it has a lot on there, and has ended up being a little too small over time. The weight of it once made it come off the wall using the self adhesive hooks, so I ended up clearing out a lot at that point in time. I do really love this solution though, and in the last year or so, I’ve seen a couple of similar things online, and it makes me happy that I made this long before seeing any other versions.

I like rings too, but don’t wear them very often. Silver and dainty, with a coloured stone is the way I like them best. I don’t have very many, but the ones I do have, I tend not to wear often because I don’t like my hands much since I’m a nail biter. I know this is a silly reason not to wear them, and that it’s a bad habit and I should stop, but it just doesn’t happen for me. I’ll get there one day!

My favourite ring that I own is from Italy. I brought it when me and Michael were there in 2010. I thought not only did it look amazing, but the story behind them was interesting too. These rings were originally crafted to be wedding rings and they come apart when they’re taken off, so that it would be know if the person had taken the ring off to be unfaithful. I thought it was pretty interesting. It is possible to put them back together though. When we were on out contiki tour, our tour guide showed us how it was done. A few of us brought the rings, and I was the first person to figure out how to do it, after puzzling over it for a whole afternoon while in Italy. It frustrated me, and I wanted to leave it, but I was determined. In the end, I could put it together faster than our tour guide, and more easily than anyone else. I also figured out how to do Michael’s 6 banded one, and no one else even came close with that one!

When buying the rings, I also brought a nomination bracelet. These had me fascinated years ago when Aaron and Dave used to come to poker and I noticed them. These bracelets come in individual links, and you can get lots of things on the links. They include flags, letters, gems, images, etc. I fell in love with the idea of getting a flag for each country I visited, so this is what I did. I think I’m missing one still though, but I’ll possibly end up ordering it online. It worked out pricey though. I imagine it’s no worse than charm bracelets or Pandora beads, but since I brought it in one hit, it did hurt a little! All up I think I spent about $320 buying the 2 puzzle rings and the nomination bracelet, but to this day, I still think they’re worth it. The bracelet is the most expensive item of jewellery I own!

I never really had a charm bracelet growing up, except for one that Mum brought me as a baby. A few years ago, Mum gave me one of hers that has a heap of charms on it. She likes the idea of buying more to add to it over time as well. It’s pretty well packed though, and I still have more charms to add to it. I think I’ll wait till I get them all together and take them all in together. It’s weird to me that I love nomination bracelets and like charm bracelets as well, but have no interest in Pandora and don’t like the bracelets all that much. Some of the charms look nice, but I’ve never been interested in getting one at all.

Even though me and Michael have been together for almost 3 years, he’s never brought me any jewellery in that time. I guess he knows me well enough to know that I don’t wear it all that often, but after all this time together, and knowing he’s the right guy for me, there is one item I do want him to get me. He’s known from the start that I wanted to get married at some stage in my life, but I only told him about a month ago that I want him to ask me. He hasn’t said much about it since, so I don’t know if it’s on the cards for now, but I’m happy to wait a bit longer. I just hope I get to pick my own ring!


2 thoughts on “31 Things – Jewellery

    • Thanks, Laura! I enjoyed the writing enough I just couldn’t stop. And then I got the camera out and took pictures until the battery died. I have trouble narrowing down the pictures as well, but it’s not really surprising when I have trouble narrowing down the text too! I think in my album I’ll talk about the jewellery from Europe, since they’re my favourites, and then I’ll take a pic of the bracelet and rings together.

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