Time: 11.13pm
Place: At the dining room table on the laptop
Wearing: Singlet, 3/4 sleeve top, knitted jacket, pajama pants and socks, while being snuggled under a coral fleece blanket
Drinking: A lot of hot milo lately!
Reading: A long list of scrapbooking and crafty websites… Elise Blaha, Ali Edwards, Becky’s Blog, Write Click Scrapbook, Daily Digi… Wishing I was reading prompt 1 for Ali’s 31 Things class, but the email didn’t come through, so now I have to wait to hear back about it
Thinking: How much living in an apartment can suck when your boyfriend is away and strata decides to cause trouble with residents so I’m left getting hassled when coming home after work
Enjoying: Walking to and from work each day. It’s only about 20-30 minutes, but it’s so much more peaceful than catching the bus! The leaves on the trees are changing colours and its super pretty along the way!
Creating: Rounding corners of my first 183 photos from 2011… These were the pictures from my project 365. Will hopefully have the first 6 months done in the next couple of weeks, with both the photos and journalling in a project life album
Hoping: To go shopping over the weekend to buy a few new Winter tops and jackets… It’s starting to get mighty chilly here, and I’m bored with most of the long sleeve tops I’ve got since Summer was cold enough that I lived in long sleeves most of the time as well. Will hopefully be able to add some more colours, since I’ve been wearing a lot of black
Wishing: Michael wasn’t away for so long and was still coming home tomorrow night rather than next week… I miss him lots!
 To relax… I’ve felt anxious and on edge all week, which has left me feeling rather blah. If Bec comes down on the weekend for a craft weekend, I’m thinking I’ll feel much more refreshed!
Wondering: How long it would take for us to find a house to buy if we started seriously looking, and where it would end up being? It’s an exciting but scary thought, especially knowing how expensive it will be and how long it will take us to pay it back.


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