Home, Sweet Home!

Well we’re on the Central Coast as of this evening until Sunday morning to see my family and celebrate Mother’s day. I didn’t think that Michael would want to make the trip down since I didn’t finish work until 8pm, but he decided he’d rather do it tonight than in the morning. We didn’t get here until about 11pm, so tonight’s post is just some random thoughts about the place.

  1. We moved in to this house a day or so before the September 11 bombings. It was all that was on the TV the day we set it up. The house was brand new when we moved in as well.
  2. Pets… There are lots of them here! I’ve always grown up with animals around, and quiet miss it now that we live in an apartment. We’ve had cats, dogs, chickens, mice, rats, birds, rabbits, guinea pigs, a possum who lived in the garage that we fed, ferrets, a lizard and scorpions. Right now, there are 3 cats, one dog and at least 8 birds living here!
  3. Coffee Club and Mad Mex are 2 of the most frequented places that me and Michael go to while on the Central Coast. Both are at Tuggerah Westfield, and both have awesome food!
  4. Even though we live in Parramatta and the Sydney fireworks are meant to be some of the best in the world, we still end up going to The Entrance for the 9pm fireworks a lot. Usually Mum will be there, sometimes the girls and sometimes Nan too. It’s so much less hassle than leaving at about 7am to make it in to the good spots in the City! The closest I’ve ever been to the Sydney fireworks is going to Darling Harbour.
  5. The beach! It takes us around an hour to get there from Parramatta, yet I grew up about 10 minutes away when living on the Coast, and Mum still only lives about 20 minutes away.
  6. We take lots of outings to The Entrance for fish and chips, even though its about half an hour away from Mum’s. We’re even trained the seagulls to hover! Samantha hates it, since she doesn’t like birds. It is where most of our lunch dates with Mum end up being.
  7. Family picnics are a new tradition the last few years at Easter. It’s quite common that we go to Somersby Falls for them. It’s a great hike there, and the falls are stunning after rain!
  8. I moved out of home at 18 to live in Newcastle, where I went to uni. I moved home after 4 years, but only stayed there for a year before moving to Parramatta. I swore when I moved out of home that I’d never give up the freedom and move back, but it wasn’t that bad except for ending up with the smallest bedroom in the house!
  9. I don’t know of any scrapbooking shops near where we live in Parramatta, but I still like going to the one near Mum’s, and I’m hoping to do a beginner copics class there tomorrow, but haven’t been able to call them to book it yet.
  10. Michael’s best friend lives here as well. He’s about 20 minutes from Mum’s place, so when we come up, Michael will usually visit him for at least part of the trip. His best friend is the person who properly introduced us just over 3 years ago.

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