My new Art Work!

I felt pretty blah today, so when I came home, I decided that I would finish the canvas I started a week or 2 ago to try to cheer me up. I knew it wouldn’t take me long to complete it, but for some reason, getting home so late has left me uninspired to work on it all last week.

Today ended up being the evening I finished it, and I have the pink hand to prove it! The colours aren’t as bright against the black as I was hoping, but I actually thought that might be the case. If anyone has any ideas about how to make the colours more vivid while doing a coloured hand print on a black background, please let me know!

Since this canvas was a present for Michael, I’m glad he ended up liking it! He even got to contribute to making the art as well with a hand print of his own! I love initials and ampersands, but I’ve been seeing them around a lot lately. That was my original plan for the canvas, but I decided to go with something more unique, and I’m so glad I did! I can’t wait to hang it on our bedroom wall when it’s completely dry!

The blahs are all gone now too! There’s something about actually completing a project that always makes me feel better!


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