The Rally with a Difference!

In 2013, me and Michael are looking to participate in the Shitbox Rally, a fundraising event for the Cancer Council, where you drive thousands of kilometres through outback Australia. The route for next year has yet to be decided, but I’m betting it will be somewhere amazing! I actually put our names down to participate tonight, so I’m hoping to hear back with the results soon enough. It’s not guaranteed we’ll be able to get in, but fingers crossed!

Basically the way the rally works is that you have a team of 2 and a budget of $1000 to buy and register your shitbox car. From there, you can paint and decorate it how you like, and you can sell sponsorships to have businesses advertise on your car as well, to help raise more money. When rally day comes, you take off from the start point and travel for around a week to wherever the destination is. Naturally, not all cars will make it, and if you your car dies, you ditch it and ride with another team. The cars that do make it to the end then get auctioned off to raise even more funds. I think this is such an awesome way to raise money for a good cause and have fun in the meantime!

Last month, between the 14th and 20th April 2012, Bec and Zane participated in this years rally. They travelled over 3,800 kms across Australia from Melbourne to Cairns in a 1979 Datsun 200B Wagon that they purchased for $400. Unfortunately they didn’t make it to the end, instead they’re car decided to die 2 stops from Cairns, but they had a great time, and managed to raise about $4500 for the Cancer Council! I’m proud of what they did!

If we get accepted, then I have a few plans for fundraising ideas as well… Things like a charity trivia night and designing rally calendars to sell (and I like the idea of making these available for all of the teams to sell, not just our own teams!) Bec and Zane plan on participating again, and Samantha is looking at getting some people together for it as well, so I think between us, if we put in some hard work and share some ideas around, we’d all be able to raise decent amounts.

Wish us luck getting in!!


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