April Date Night!

I decided to go low key for my date night with Michael this month. While I love the idea of going out more often, it’s sometimes nice to have a cozy night in together, so for April, I planned a home cooked meal of whatever he wanted me to make, along with a dessert of his choice. It was a great idea, and there were great plans for the night, but in usual J&M style, the plans didn’t turn out quite right!

Michael wanted me to make potato bake for dinner. I didn’t like the idea of just potato bake, and asked what meat to go with it. He ended up deciding garlic soy marinated chicken, which I quite like as well. For dessert, he wanted lemon delicious.

I made the plans for about 3 weeks into the month, and they kept being put off, firstly because he lost the recipe for lemon delicious, and then other nights because we ended up busy. I was planning to make it over the weekend, but we ended up out on Saturday doing washing, and then on Sunday, we didn’t have dinner since we had such a big lunch. Since it was supposed to be an April date, that left Monday, 30th April. The day I start on late shifts for 2 weeks, so I have 8pm finishes!

I tried to prep as much as I could before work, like marinating the chicken and cutting up veggies, but I ran out of time to assemble the potato bake. So when I got home at 8.15pm, I changed and started cooking straight away. Problem 1 for the evening was that I went to grab the milk that I thought we had, only to find out we were out, so I had to send Michael to the shops. I still managed to get everything done except for the white sauce for the potato bake, and even started making the lemon delicious.

He got back and I finished the sauce and got the potato bake in the oven. Problem 2 was that it took forever to cook still! Michael was tired, so I was getting a little worried about keeping him up so late. While the potato bake was cooking, I pretty much had everything sorted for dessert as well, but by the time dinner finished, we decided we’d finish making dessert tomorrow night instead.¬†Overall, dinner took almost 2 hours to make!

To create some nice atmosphere as we ate, I lit some candles. It ended up being an awesome evening once the food was done! It was nice to get and chat and focus on each other only. And the food ended up great… It’s been years since I’ve made potato bake, but trying it again made me realise I really enjoy it and we’ve both decided to have it more often. I hope Michael enjoyed the night as much as I did, even if I did keep him up too late!

This is the 3rd date in Michael’s year of dates present that I made for his birthday in February.


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