Week in the Life – Sunday

Day 7 of a week in the life! I’m excited to say that I made it to the end with taking photos and documenting everyday life every day for a week, and managed to take another 65 photos today as well! Now to just get it all together in an album over the next 1-2 weeks.

Today has been a busy day. Bec and Samantha came down so that we could get bridesmaids dresses fitted. They were supposed to leave at 7.30am to arrive at 9am, but they left late since Zane and the boys decided to come along so that they could find suits. I got up at 8am originally and texted to see if they were on the way, but of course they weren’t, so I snoozed for a little longer.  They didn’t end up leaving until a little after 8am, and they had to pick Travis up on the way, so they didn’t get here until almost 10am. I had a simple brekky of tea and toast, and Michael dropped me off to meet them at about the same time as they would arrive. I still ended up waiting a little longer for them to get to the bridal shop, so I browsed a few shops and admired the autumn leaves.

Bec rung me just before I bumped in to them, to say that they drove past the bridal store and found out it didn’t open until 11am, which made things very rushed since I was supposed to be picked up by Michael at that time to head to his sister’s surprise birthday. In the end, he agreed to pick me up at 11.10am, so that I could quickly be measured up then rush out the door. So me and the girls went to a cute cafe for coffee and a chat, then we wandered over to the bridal store to be measured up and to place our orders. Samantha also tried on the bridesmaids dress for the first time today, and she looked stunning in it! I rushed out the door a little late, and met up with Michael. Now I just need to buy some silver shoes and probably a silver clutch, and I’m ready for Bec’s wedding! The boys had gone suit shopping in other shops to start with, so I didn’t end up seeing them before I left.

We went straight from the bridal store to his sister’s place to pick up some things to take around to the Bowling Club where we were having the party. Michael’s brother-in-law told us that he’s organised for everyone to be there at 12pm, but we got there at about 11.45am, Michael’s parents got there just before 12pm, and no one else showed up until at least 12.30pm. I thought it was a poor effort since it was supposed to be a surprise party! Luckily Kylie was running late herself, otherwise there would have been only 4 of us surprising her! It gave us plenty of time to blow up balloons and hang streamers and put out table clothes, since nothing at all had been done at the club when we got there. I love decorating for parties though!

There ended up being about 30 people all up, and Kylie ended up seeing us all before she walked in because of where she parked. She still seemed to enjoy the day though! Me and Michael were the BBQ’ers, and we did sausages and kebabs. Michael’s parents and Catriona had made the salads, and one of Kylie’s friends made pavlova. Kylie’s husband made her birthday cake. It was an awesome feast! I have to remember to get a copy of Catriona’s noodle salad recipe though, because it was so good! She teased me a little because I wanted to take some more food photos though, since she’s notice that I always take lots of food photos, but I don’t mind. She knows I’m pretty interested in taking photos, and I’ll continue to do it even if they tease me for it!

After lunch, dessert and cake, we headed outside to play a round of barefoot bowls. I’ve never tried lawn bowls before, so I was pretty clueless on how to play. We had 3 teams of 2 playing, and basically the way it worked was that there was a white ball rolled out on the field, then each team took turns to roll black balls towards it (4 balls per team). The goal was to get as close to the white ball as possible without hitting it. Each of the black balls was weighted so they curve as they’re rolled, to make it more challenging. The team that got the closest wins, and the points are based on how many balls they get near it. For example, if they have one ball as the closest, and then another teams ball is second closest, they get one point. If 2 of their balls are the closest to the white ball, then they get 2 points and so on, for a maximum of 4 points per round. I couldn’t get the hang of it though, although I did score one of our points in the last round. We won the most rounds, but we didn’t hit hug numbers of points each round, so we came second overall. It was pretty fun though, especially since it shaped up to be a decent afternoon, after starting out pretty grey and average looking in the morning.

Everyone started leaving at around 5.30pm, and by this stage, we were both a bit tired, so we headed home as well. When we got home, we both sat on the computers for a while. By this stage, I was wanting a nap so badly, but since it was already after 6, I decided it would be a very bad idea and would prevent me from sleeping. Michael left after a while to wash his work car (something he has to do every Sunday evening as the works cars are inspected each Monday), and I was so tired that I didn’t offer to help like I often do. I struggled to stay awake while browsing online for a while, and decided to knit a little more, although I only did a few rows tonight. I ended up waking up a bit later on in the evening, probably because Michael came up and started pumping some upbeat music. I’m not sure what half of the songs were actually called, but they were decent at least, compared to the usual music he listens to. He usually has his headphones in as he listens, and tonight was no different, but he plays it loud enough that I can even hear it in the bedroom most days!

I did a purse dump today as well. It’s been awhile since I’ve done it, but decided I might as well do it tonight. These happen to be the only photos from this week that I didn’t take with my own camera! What I carry in my purse doesn’t change much, but I figure in a few years it might, so I might as well record it. Even though I have a tiny bag, I always have my phone and camera in there. I don’t bother carrying a wallet at all, instead I have a metal case (the purple one in the picture) that holds my licence and bank cards. The 2 extra cards are a staff card for one of the groceries stores here, and a loyalty card for the same store, which is actually linked to Mum’s account and earning her points when I use it. I rarely carry cash around, and when I do, it’s usually very little. I always have headphones for the trip to work, and sometimes during my breaks if I’m bored, and a glasses cloth for my phone and camera screens. I keep my birth control in there as well, so I never have to worry about remembering it when I’m away for the night or out late, and I always have band aids since I’m accident prone. They came in handy today when I opened the metal seal on a tub of dip and managed to slice my finger on it too! Lucas pawpaw cream is my go to product. I use it as a facial moisturiser each day, and as a lip balm. It’s the only thing that seems to stop my skin from drying out! It’s also great for cuts, bites, burns, scratches and about a million other things like that! Lastly I have my USB key. This isn’t always in my bag, but I had it in there to print the stuff at Michael’s work last night, and I usually have it when I’m getting photos done. People are always surprised that I manage to fit a camera in my bag, and then when the see what else is in there, they are usually even more shocked! Usually I’ll also have my work building pass to get through the security gates, but I took it out this morning since I had no need for it today.

This evening I also updated our calendar. This is just a white board that we have on the bedroom wall, where we record all of out appointments and upcoming events. I usually keep it pretty up-to-date throughout the month, but at the end of the month, I’ll tidy it up and take a picture so that I have a record of a lot of the big things we got up to throughout the month. For example, this month, we had a wedding to go to, a birthday, Easter, celebrations at my work, Easter show trips and date nights. There’s usually a section for things we need to book that have an expiry, such as a day at the shooting range and some photography classes, and a section for upcoming events that are scheduled for months further into the year, so we don’t have to try to remember them and can avoid double booking our days, which still seems to happen a bit. It seems that everyone wants to do things on the same weekends… We can go a week or 2 without plans at all, and then suddenly we’ll have a weekend with like 4 or more things on. I don’t mind it overly much if these busy weekends are awhile apart, but they can be pretty exhausting. I still try to go to most things though, since I like going out and mixing with other people, especially since I’m such a homebody most of the time.

Other exciting news for the day is that Mum got a rainbow lorikeet! I used to have one named Ella, who lived with Mum since I couldn’t have a bird when I moved out at 18. Even though I moved back home for a year, she’d basically become Mum’s bird, and didn’t seem to like me as much. I guess she felt rejected that I deserted her. She was a seriously gorgeous bird, though! I found her back in Easter weekend 2005. Dad had taken me out to go text-book shopping for uni, and she flew on a taxi beside me. Dad thought she looked tame, and told me to reach out to her, and she jumped on my hand and came home with us. He told me later that he actually thought she would bite me, though! She was clearly someone’s pet, but we never saw any notices that someone was looking for her, so she became my bird. The day after I found her was the funniest ever… We had her out, and she was flying around my room and started saying “You’re an asshole”! I almost fell off my bed laughing at the fact that I had a swearing bird! Rainbow lorikeets truly are my favourite birds though, and I really wish Michael would let me have one! Unfortunately Ella passed away mid last year, and we’re unsure as to what happened. But anyway, Mum brought a hand-reared lorikeet today and named her Bella. She texted me about it, and said she’s the friendliest thing too, which is good. Since Ken has a parrot there, I think Mum felt a little left out since she no longer had Ella, so it will be good for her having a bird again!

Well, I think that about sums up my day today! It’s been so much fun completing a week in the life this week! Even on days when it’s felt like more of a struggle, I’ve still managed to get it done, and I truly love some of the photos I’ve taken. I’m looking forward to getting all the photos ready to be sent off to be printed over the next week, and then when they arrive, I can’t wait to get my album put together! I’ll post pictures again once I have it done!  I’ve realised that there were a few pictures that I’ve missed throughout the week, but they were generally when I was busy living in the moment, so I don’t mind too much. Next time I do this project, I think I’ll try to take more photos of people. I can’t believe I managed to miss getting a photo of me and the girls this morning though!


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