Week in the Life – Saturday

Day 6 of week in the life! I can’t believe it’s so close to the end! I didn’t feel like I took many pictures today, but when I cleared the camera off, I found that I still had 59 photos for the day, which is good!

Since it’s the weekend and we didn’t head to the Central Coast to visit my family, the day was pretty relaxing. It started out with Michael waking me at about 9am for soft boiled eggs for brekky. Since I spent the time cleaning the balcony a couple of days ago, we decided to make the most of the weather being ok before it gets any colder, and ate out on the balcony. It was really nice sitting out there, although it was still a little fresh and chilly. I think brekky was even better today then it was on Wednesday as well!

I spent a bit of time on the computer in the morning, and Michael did as well. After awhile, he decided to head downstairs to do some work on the car again, and I decided I would teach myself how to knit today, since I want to knit a big aqua and yellow patchwork blanket. I haven’t knitted in years, and when I did as a kid, I actually didn’t like it at all. I got bored very quickly, and made it as far as knitting a bookmark. This time I tried it, and not only did I somehow remember how to do it without reading any instructions, I actually enjoyed it and though it was really relaxing! I only have one ball of wool so far, since I decided it was a small enough investment to give it a try, and if I didn’t like it, then I wouldn’t have wasted much money. Now, I’ve decided I need to find a wool shop so I can get a nice yellow that I like!

Lunch was a pasta that Michael made. I don’t really like pasta all that much, but I usually eat it once or twice a week since he likes it a lot. I don’t mind it when he makes it too much though. He uses sour cream, cheese, pepper and onion flakes, and it works alright as a sauce. I’m not sure if he adds any other ingredients to it though.

After lunch, since the sun had come out and it had warmed up, I actually sat out on the balcony to read the last of my book. I’ve now finished reading Crafternoon, by Maura Madden. It was ok, but nothing all that special. I mostly brought it because the cover looked alright and the book had a section on knitting, but it wasn’t all that in depth like I usually prefer. I do really love the idea of having crafty afternoons though, for things like making Christmas decorations or the invites for my sister’s wedding. I actually plan on inviting my sisters and Mum here to help make her wedding invites so she doesn’t have to do them all on her own. Turns out it was bright enough out there that I probably should have worn sunnies… At the very least, it would have helped with the scrunched up face!

I’ve decided today that I really should update my inspiration boards. I have a whiteboard and a cork board that hang in my craft room, with lots of different things on there. I’m trying to decide exactly what I want to do for them though. I love the magnetic whiteboard that we have in the bedroom to hold our schedule, so I’m thinking I might replace the normal white board with one, and then update the cork board with a coat of paint and some fabric covering it, maybe? I’m super undecided. I did watch an episode of the craft channel (one of the ones on Pinterest Inspiration), where they made chalk boards today. Although the idea is cool, I don’t really like the feel of chalk or writing on a chalk board, so I don’t know if that would be a very good idea for me. Maybe some clip boards? I do like being able to pin stuff up though, although the most of the stuff I have hanging has probably been up for over a year now, with enough new stuff being added to make it cluttered and less inspiring.  The butterfly will definately be staying though! Samantha brought me that years ago for my birthday, and I still love it!

More knitting as the day went on, while watching a couple of episodes of Supernatural. I love this show, but don’t really like sitting idly watching TV, so I tend to watch shows while I’m making things. It’s a great way to pass the time, since I don’t like crafting in silence usually either. I’m starting to get the hang of knitting! I took a break to take a few sunset photos off the balcony, as the sunset was full of oranges and pinks tonight. It looked really pretty! The photos do not quiet capture it though! I’m glad Michael pointed it out!

At about 5.30pm, we headed around to Michael’s sister’s place, since she offered to help us out with washing while we’re waiting for a new machine. We started the first load there and had to duck around to Michael’s friends place to pick up some car parts, and then to his work so he could reboot the servers there, since there was electricians there all day installing stuff and they needed to turn off the power. Since he’s the company IT guy, he had to make sure that everything booted ok and was up and running smoothly so that when everyone comes to work on Monday, there are no problems. I went along with him so I could print a couple of pages for my One Little Word project. I don’t mind going in there, since it has decent internet, and I can usually print a few colour pages for projects. We had grabbed subway on the way as well, so we ate that while waiting for everything to boot, and only ended up being there for about half an hour.

We headed back to Catriona’s place to check on the washing. She’d actually already put on the second load for us, which was really nice. We hung around chatting and had some apple pie that she baked earlier in the day. Her food is always awesome! I especially like her nachos and her choc-chip cookies! Once the second load was finished, it was about 9.30, so we headed home, and will pick up the last load tomorrow. We will have to remember to grab a box of chocolates for her as a thank you tomorrow, along with giving Mum a box when I see her next. It’s good that they’ve been able to help us out with washing while waiting for our new machine to be delivered!

When we got home, we hung out the washing and relaxed for a bit. I painted some more on my canvas, put together my one little word pages for the April prompt (I’m so looking forward to May’s prompt coming out in a couple of days!), and also knitted a couple more rows. I realised it was about 11.30 and that I was tired and decided I better quickly do my post, so I can go to bed, since tomorrow will be another busy day for us, and I spent most of the day tired anyway.

I love that today has been crafty and relaxing. It’s just what I’ve been needing! And it’s good to learn something new, especially when it turns out to be something I enjoy so much!


4 thoughts on “Week in the Life – Saturday

    • Thanks Cristina! I know what you mean about looking at the posts from different countries… It’s so cool to see the differences in the way of life! I had a look at your blog, and you have some awesome photos as well! I love the one looking down the tube, the one of the door being locked or unlocked, your food photos, and the one with the butterfly pattern! I had a look back at some of the older ones too… The booties you were knitting are the cutest!! I’m only just teaching myself to knit at the moment, so I’m nowhere near good enough to make something like them, but I really love the look! I wish I spoke Spanish so I could understand a bit more of your writing though! 🙂

    • Thanks Elinjanne! I have had such an awesome time posting my photos and words each day! I love your pictures as well… It’s great that you have gotten to travel around a bit during this week! I’m looking forward to seeing the final picture of the room revamp you helped with, as well! I love decorating projects!! 🙂

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