Week in the Life – Friday

Day five of week in the life. While I’m loving the photos and words that I’ve been collecting throughout the week, I’d be lying if I said that I wasn’t glad that the end of the week is coming! I  really love taking photos, but I did project 365 last year, where I took a photo every day for a year, and I think that burnt me out a lot in the end, something I’m still recovering from! My camera we being a bit of a pain today, so while I took quite a few pictures (58 to be exact), I will end up deleting a lot. The again, there is a lot I plan on deleting from each day… Blurry ones, duplicates and the ones I just don’t like. And I’m honestly ok with that. I said from the start that this project wasn’t about taking the highest number of photos, but about getting together a group of photographs that truly represent my life and that I love.

Today was a pretty uneventful day overall. I got up, showered and washed my hair, packed brekky for work and walked to the bus stop. I tried to get some photos of a group of rainbow lorikeets in the trees on the way to the bus, but every time I tried to snap the shot, they’d either duck behind branches or fly off. It was a little disappointing since they’re my favourite birds, and the tamer ones around here haven’t been to visit me on the balcony lately. It was gorgeous weather this morning though, and the sky was super blue!

The bus was on time again this morning, which really is unusual for the buses around here. It seems this bus driver is the only one who can stay on schedule, since he’s arrived on time most days so far since I’ve been on the 8.10am bus. I since the bus ride takes up an hour or more each day, I realised I should probably get a few shots!

I took a few random shots at work today, like the pattern on the wall as you enter the work building and one of me. Nothing too interesting today, but like I said, today was pretty uneventful. I was cursing that at lunch I was chatting and distracted and forgot to take a picture of my burger… One good thing about Olympic Park is the kebab shop downstairs has good burgers. Nowhere in Parramatta that I’ve found does anything that great, and I love burgers. I decided for my last day here, I’d celebrate with my favourite lunch here! I did get more excited as my shift came close to the end though, since it meant I could pack my stuff completely away to be moved over the weekend to Parramatta for work on Monday. Everyone seems to be pretty excited and renewed about the change of scenery again. It’s much better for most of us being located at Parramatta, for the fact that it tends to be closer to home for most of us too. Less travel time is always a win! I’m excited to start walking to and from work again. I used to walk before moving buildings, and it’s the best way to wind down in the afternoon after a long shift. Much more relaxing than the bus, that’s for sure!

I tried to convince Michael to pick me up from work when I finished, but he was too tired to drive out, meaning I had to wait 45 minutes for the bus that was half an hour late. It was super dark by the time I got on the bus, and the bus ride seemed super slow. It pretty much lulled me to sleep, so I was glad when my stop came and I could be on my feet again. The walk home is only about 10 minutes, which is good since it was already almost 8pm.

Tonight I didn’t feel much like cooking, so I ended up eating leftover sushi. I’ve heard this is really bad to do, so if I get sick, I’ll know why. It didn’t taste bad at all though, only the rice was more dry than usually, and it’s almost midnight and I don’t feel at all sick, so I think I’ll be ok. Writing this, I realise that I don’t really have any food photos today, which is unusual, but I don’t mind.

It’s been a cold evening so far, so I hopped straight into pajamas when I arrived home, and ended up with my fluffy slippers to wear. Tonight is also the first night I’ve pulled out one of the spare blankets to snuggle into so far this year… Winter’s definitely on its way! I spent most of the evening online and messing with the computer to upgrade the ram on here to see if it helps any. It seems to have helped a little, but since the laptop is 6 years old, it didn’t make that much of a difference overall. When not on the laptop, all I managed to do was to snuggle up and read, which suits me just fine!


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