Week in the Life – Thursday

I woke up today and could not think of a single thing to photograph and I panicked a little. I don’t know why, but it felt like I’d already photographed everything. For the 10 minutes or so before I completely woke up, I questioned *HOW* I was going to manage to finish this project for 2012.

I got out of bed and had a shower. Apparently I do good thinking when I’m in the shower (and usually right as I’m trying to go to bed at night, but that’s a whole other dilemma!) I went from having no ideas at all, to taking another half a dozen photos before even leaving the house! It’s the best feeling knowing that I manged to push past the block and keep snapping! One of the pictures ended up being my nice clean balcony that made me smile when I came outside… I’m really looking forward to brekky out there over the weekend!

The walk to work was pretty peaceful this morning. I was off in my own little word, just enjoying the fact that the weather is actually warm this morning, compared to the last few days. I’m really dreading winter since I don’t like the cold at the best of times, and if Autumn is this cold, winter is going to be horrible!

Work was slow today. We don’t usually get many customer’s calling through, but today I think I had every annoyed customer coming through to me, going off at me for stuff that we don’t even deal with in this department. I’m in a credit card team yet was yelled at about travel insurance even… What was worse about that call was the fact that the previous staff member that was helping him actually could have helped him more than I could and I just had to connect him back after being snapped at for 20 minutes. It’s been draining, that’s for sure!

Lunch was awesome! I spent my break chatting to Maryline, who was in my team when I first started and helped with training when I came over, but had now changed teams. It was nice to catch up. After lunch, I was bailed up by other people in her team to have chocolate cake, so I wasn’t complaining!

This evening I headed to the shopping centre since I have a $30 grocery voucher to use by tomorrow. I figured I’d grab sushi for both me and Michael for dinner, and then head in to buy a few groceries so I can make Michael a nice dinner on the weekend, since it’s our date night for the month. I realise now that I forgot to get candles like I was going to though, so I might have to do that over the weekend if I’m near the shops again, if not, I’ll use tealights. Michael met me at the shops, and then we didn’t end up getting home until almost 8.30pm.

I’ve come to the conclusion that I actually like sushi. I never used to, but about 6 months ago I started walking past a sushi place each time I was at the shops and one day decided to buy a tuna and avocado wrap. I used to hate the seaweed texture, but I realised that day that I didn’t mind it any more. I started buying them every week or 2, then started bringing them home for Michael as well. Now, ever 1-2 Thursdays, I’ll got to late night shopping and bring home 6 tuna and avocado wraps so that we can have it for a full dinner. I love this tradition, and have decided I really love this sushi!

Once back home, it was pretty much a lazy night… Neither of us felt up to doing much of anything, and since my laptop was playing up again, it took me forever to get anything done on here. I did get a cute photo of Michael messing around though! And managed to spend more money on bills.

Even without being inspired to take photos today, I managed to get a couple of photos that I really love. Overall, I took 51 photos today, which makes me happy! I didn’t feel much up to journalling today either, but still managed to write a fair bit in the end. It definitely helps to split the writing up though out the day on days when I struggle, though!


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