Week in the Life – Wednesday

Day 3 of week in the life and still going strong! Me and Michael both had the day off work today since it was a public holiday for ANZAC Day. I was thinking about going to the dawn service, but forgot to set an alarm and ended up sleeping until 10.30am. It’s rare that I manage to sleep in that late anymore, so I must have needed it!
I ended up lying around online on my phone until a little after 11am, when Michael came in and said he was making us both brekky. He makes the best soft-boiled eggs with toast soldiers! Usually it’s a weekend thing, so I felt quite spoilt! It was a seriously good start to the day!
Today was a lazy morning. I sat around online in my pajamas until about 1.30pm. Michael had already gone downstairs to mess around with an engine for his car, so I didn’t really feel bad about being lazy and staying online. I played frontierville for way to long, but I did get up every now and then to tidy random bits around the place. Overall, the place is tidier, we have clean washing in the draws and cupboards plus another load to put away, and the kitchen is clean. I then finally hopped in the shower. I’m not usually this bad though! Usually I’ll be showered and dressed by about 10am, rather than waiting until so late!
I spent some time organising my bookshelf today as well. The cookbooks are now in the loungeroom rather than on my bookshelf, and most of my travel books fit on the bookshelf now, rather than my desk. I realised I have *a lot* of books though, including quite a lot that I’ve never even read. I really need to make more of an effort to read more of them! One of my goals for the year is to read 52 books, and so far, I’ve read 6 and I’m half way through another, so I’m well on my way! I think I’ll start the Hunger Games Trilogy next! Top photo is the before, and the bottom one is the after picture.
After tidying my bookshelf, I decided a cup of tea sounded nice. Since I know Michael likes having a coffee with him while he’s down working on the car, I figured I’d make him one and take it down to him to surprise him, since he was so sweet at brekky time. He was hard at work attaching things to the new engine and trying to figure out how everything would fit. I didn’t stay down there too long though, since the garage is always super cold, and I was only in jeans and a singlet.
When Michael made it upstairs, I got his help clearing a few things off the balcony. There was an old bar fridge that’s lived out there as long as I’ve known Michael, so I convinced him to finally get rid of it. He didn’t want to try to carry it down 3 flights of stairs, so he decided it would be a good idea to throw it off the balcony. It was so loud! I was surprised that the door managed to come off it and the whole things kind of bent, too. We went down to clean it up, and afterwards, I gave the balcony a good vacuum and mop, and cleared the cobwebs. We still need to wash the windows, and I want to buy some coloured lanterns to hang out there, but it’s looking so much better! Since it was pretty dark when I mopped, I may have to go over it again on the weekend, but at least it won’t take much work at that point. Either way, it’s a million times better than it was, and if you saw the water after mopping, you’d understand why!
Since our new washing machine won’t arrive until 5th May, Michael decided that he wanted to pull the old one apart to see if he could get it working again temporarily while we wait for the new one. He loves tinkering with things! Parts ended up all over the laundry, kitchen and part of the lounge room. He realised that there is no way to fix the washing machine though. The barrel seems to have bent, and caused part of it to wear through the plastic, so it had a big crack that went about 30 centimetres around the barrel, so it would no longer hold water without leaking a lot. It’s a shame, since it would save us hand washing all the work clothes over the weekend!
We decided since the balcony was clean and we skipped lunch that we’d have a good dinner, so Michael got the BBQ going. He cooked some gourmet lamb sausages, chicken kebabs and fried eggs, while I made up a big salad. We had lots of stuff in the fridge to try to use up, so the salad had lettuce, tomato, cucumber, capsicum, carrot, mushroom, pineapple, beetroot, avocado and cheese. Since I cut the salad and dish it straight up on the plates, they ended up really massive and I ended up putting half of each one away for lunch at work tomorrow. Neither of us got through the kebabs, either, so I now have chicken salad! It works really well, since I’m avoiding buying lunches and brekkies at work for now. It was a seriously good dinner though! I’m glad we made it, although I was feeling super lazy and just wanted him to make a basic pasta instead.
We finished up a carton of eggs this evening too, which worked really for me, since I brought a dozen plastic eggs on sale a week or 2 ago for me to use next Easter, but had nowhere to store them. They now have a nice new home for the year, and don’t roll around everywhere and annoy me. They’ll stay on a bookshelf in my craft room. I didn’t take a picture of the shelf since it’s horribly messy, but I like everything on top of it, so you’ll have to settle for that!
I thought I’d end up with more photos today than I did since we were both home, but I only ended up with 67. I’m ok with that though, since I managed to get more photos with us in them than I have previously. I realised I still don’t have a picture of us together though! I’ll have to try to get one or two over the next few days.

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