Week in the Life – Tuesday

Day 2 of week in the life and still going pretty strong, with another 53 photos today. I got up this morning and went through the usual morning routine of making the bed, brushing my teeth, wiping down the bathroom counter, having a shower, getting dressed, opening the blinds, packing my work lunch and heading out the door to the bus stop. The weather was really nice this morning as well, so I didn’t need to worry about gumboots or raincoat. I managed to make it work in time today, too, which was good! The bus driver was actually the bus driver I had the very first day I caught the bus out to Sydney Olympic Park, who I haven’t had as a driver in months. While I was on the bus, I realised since I only have 2 more days left going to Olympic Park, it’s better for me to buy a new bus ticket each way at $4.50 each trip then it is to buy the weekly ticket at $28. It made me even more excited to change back to Parramatta for work!
I got to work really early today, even earlier than usual when I get the bus. It was nice to get to sit down and have a relaxing morning eating my breakfast. I had over an hour to fill between getting to work and starting work for the shift. I love having brekky at work each day. I have to get there early because of the buses, since missing one or a bus being late means I can end up late for work, and it means that I don’t have to get up any earlier to have something to eat. While eating brekky, I tend to listen to podcasts, browse the internet, look on pinterest, and whatever else I feel like doing on my phone. I’m completely away from my desk, and seem to get the same table each morning. I sat around with Belinda, from my old weekday team, for part of the morning, since she was also at work early, and it was nice to have a chat.
We were short-staffed again for work, with a few people off sick and too many on leave. It wasn’t as busy today though, which was good, since yesterday had 10 minute wait times for the calls coming through for most of the day. I managed to read most of my usual sites and spent some time browsing the forums on big picture classes. It’s nice to get time to do it all at work, since it means I don’t have to check the sites when I’m home and can spend my evening how I want.
My lunch for the day was leftover honey chicken. I was alone for my break, which was good as I kind of needed a break from people after some of the calls I’d been having. I spent the time reading through some of my Cleo magazine and browsing on my phone. It was a relaxing lunch break. I really like having 45 minutes for lunch breaks each day though, since it means I don’t have to rush eating, and I’m pretty much always a slow eater.
Just after coming back from lunch, there was a quick storm in the afternoon. It didn’t last for more than half an hour, and once it stopped, there was actually a nice rainbow out the window. I still can’t believe how hard it can be to take a photo of a rainbow though. The colours always end up looking washed out for me. I realise now that I probably could have tried the colour pop setting on my camera to get it to work though. At least I’ll know to try it next time!
We were told in the afternoon that we get to wear mufti for the week rather than dressing in business attire, which is nice. I much rather wear jeans and runners, although the tops I wear on mufti days are pretty similar to what I wear the rest of the week to work anyway. We also had the packing boxes and supplies passed around today as well. Makes it seem much more real that in a few days, I’ll be back to walking to and from work rather than catching the bus and spending an extra 2 or more hours out of the house each day! I haven’t really bothered to start packing yet though, since I know I’ll need most of the books and folders before Friday. I figure I’ll start doing it about half an hour before my shift finishes, since it won’t take long at all to put everything in a box and seal it up.
I texted Michael about an hour before leaving work in the hopes that he would pick me up, since it was so cold and dark. When I actually finished, I tried calling him as well, with no luck. I really was not wanting to catch the bus, but since I couldn’t get through, I had no choice. The bus was naturally about 20 minutes late as well, so I sat around shivering listening to Paperclipping Roundtable again. It was actually a relief to get on the bus where it was significantly warmer. It was even worse by the time I got off the bus at the other end, so I walked home super fast. It was seriously a relief to get inside!
Michael he was on dinner duty tonight since I cooked last night and am cooking tomorrow, but he wasn’t around the apartment when I arrived home. He was actually down in the garage messing with a new engine he brought for his car, and he’d left his phone inside, which is why he didn’t answer. It was a little frustrating though, since I was super hungry already. In the end, I ended up making a batch of microwave popcorn, and then proceeded to eat the whole lot! Michael came inside a little after 8pm, and decided he didn’t want to cook and that we’d go and get pizza. He ordered us a thin crust pepperoni pizza and some spicy chicken pieces, and he drove us down to the shop, since it was way to cold to walk over. He ended up driving around for a little bit, and we ate in the car at the park while chatting. It was a nice kinda date! I had a good laugh at how dirty he was though, since he managed to smear grease all over his face while working in the car. I love that we’ve been making more of an effort to eat together and chat rather than watch shows on the laptop, although most Tuesdays we still watch House while eating.
We stopped to get milk on the way home, since most shops will be closed tomorrow, and then when we got back, we both relaxed online for a while. I also got up and painted some more on my canvas. I still need to do at least one more coat of white, but I’m liking how it’s looking so far!
I’ve come to the realisation that I really need to try to post earlier each day, since it’s 11.30pm right now, and I’m only just getting all my photos and words sorted for the day. I’m super tired, so as soon as I post, it’s sleep time! Today has had more rhythm for me, so it flowed better with taking photos and writing though, so I’m happy! I definitely don’t take as many photos in the evening at the moment though, since it’s so dark by the time I get home, but I do appreciate the morning light more!

4 thoughts on “Week in the Life – Tuesday

  1. Great photos!! You did a good job of capturing the basics of your day, which I think is the most important thing!
    ps- we had popcorn yesterday too 🙂

    • Thanks Jessi! I really enjoy taking everyday photos! And how good is popcorn?!?! Although I really shouldn’t eat a whole bag myself while waiting for dinner since I don’t want to make something healthier!

    • I do like the everyday photos, and tend to end up with lots of food photos… Even when I’m not doing this project, I think I photograph food about 2-3 times per week… Might as well add in what I’m reading while eating! 🙂

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