Week in the Life – Monday

Day 1 of week in the life today! I think it went pretty well overall too. I woke up at 7.30am to get ready for work, and to be honest, I almost forgot that I’m needing to take pictures since I was so tired after only getting 4 hours of sleep. My first stop each day is to brush my teeth before I shower, and when I went to do it, I realised that the toothbrushes magically bred to create a new pink toothbrush for me. I guess it really did bother Michael that my toothbrush was grey and he kept going to use it! I got ready for work and came out to pack my work lunch and brekky. Since it was raining all morning, I got to wear my new gumboots for the first time. It was nice not having to dodge every puddle on the way to the bus stop, and actually making it to work with dry feet!
I managed to miss the usual bus that comes at 8.10am. It seems it was a couple of minutes early for once, and drove past as I was at the corner. I ended up sitting around waiting for half an hour for the next bus, since it ended up being late. The bus ride itself was pretty uneventful today. I spent the ride listening to the Paperclipping Roundtable pod cast number 79, where they are talking about Meyer-Briggs personality types. I plan on looking into this one day at work this week, since I’d be curious to learn more about my personality. Ali was on this episode too, which I think is awesome considering she’s the idea maker behind week in the life in the first place.
By the time I got off the bus, I realised I was cold and not wanting cereal with milk, so I ended up heading to McDonalds for brekky for the first time in a while, and brought a Boston deli bagel meal. I’m surprised I like these, since I always disliked bagels, but this one with its tomato and avocado goodness is awesome! I took my brekky into work to eat, since it was better than sitting around at McDonalds, and changed in to my work shoes while there. I felt a little weird taking photos of my brekky, since their were so many people in the kitchen and my camera was noisy, but I’m glad I did.
I went around to my desk at about 9.30am, only to find out we were down to half a team for the day. 4 people were on leave, Stacey had her last day on Friday, and 2 people were sick, so it meant by the time I logged in, we were flat-out. Even out team leader and assistant team leader were out on leave or sick! It meant that we had an absolutely flat-out morning though. I didn’t have much time to do anything all day. Usually between calls I’ll check blogs and browse online, but today, it didn’t happen much at all. On a positive note, I had a really great stats today at work, especially the one that I’m usually worst at, so that made me pretty happy.

One of the girls that I used to work with when I working weekends with the bank, Ruchi, sent me an awesome email today too. I haven’t heard from her in a couple of months since I’ve been working at a different site, but it turns out she’s got a position in my team, starting in a couple of weeks! She’s on of the sweetest girls from my past teams though, so I’m really looking forward to it! She was only just starting the role when I left that team to go to weekdays, so it’ll be nice to get to know her a bit better now. I’ve also been organising a coffee date with Bel, since it’s been ages since I’ve seen her around too, and it will be good to get to catch up again. I really can’t wait to get back to Parramatta again to be able to see all the awesome people from my old teams!

During my lunch break, I was bored and brought some magazines to read. I brought Cleo, which has a career section that I was reading at Mum’s, since it had some information on starting a business, and also a puzzle magazine for when it gets quiet again and I need something to do. I didn’t get to read much during my break though, since I actually had a break that overlapped with Mary’s, so it was nice to get to string together a conversation, rather than the disjointed attempts we usually get between calls. Lunch was leftover mushroom and chicken pizza from the weekend, so it was pretty good. I’ve been trying not to spend money on food at work all last week and this week.

When the day finally quieted down a little, I managed to catch up on most of my usual sites and also messed around with my camera settings to see if I could turn off the sounds. I actually found out how to do it, so I now have a quiet camera again!
It was my early finish at work today, so I left at 5.30pm. The bus was late as usual, so I continued listening to the podcast from this morning. For once the bus didn’t make me feel really sick or tired, although to be honest, I’ve been tired on and off all day.
I got home and didn’t feel up for cooking, so I came online for a bit and then fixed my work pants. I finally decided to stop being lazy and made honey chicken for dinner. It was only a packet mix, but it turned out ok enough. I swear it’s just plain honey for the sauce though! I’m going to try to make it from scratch next time though.
The rest of the evening has been pretty lazy too. I read one of my new magazines for a bit, tidied up a little, traced the ampersand I want to paint onto my canvas and I’m now online again catching up on emails. I’m pretty happy with how I went with photos today considering how little light there was most of the day, since it’s coming into winter and well dark here by the time I get home. I took 45 photos for the day, and that’s missing a few that I know I’ll be taking later on in the week. I didn’t want to stress to get every shot in, since I know I’ll need ideas later in the week, especially since I spend so much time at work where it’s hard to get many photos.

2 thoughts on “Week in the Life – Monday

    • Thanks Casey! I definately think work is the least interesting part of the day to capture, so I try and get more good photos the rest of the day. I just wish the sunlight lasted a little longer each day!

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