To the happy couple…

There is nothing better than getting to celebrate people’s love and commitment to each other! Me and Michael attended a beautiful wedding over the weekend, where we were able to witness two people who are so perfect for each other share the love they have with family and friends.

It was an amazing ceremony, held at Noonaweena, which is located just outside of Gosford on the Central Coast of NSW. It was such a stunning setting, with amazing views of Yengo National Park, and the sunset in the evening was amazing!

Being right above a National Park, it made sense that it would be an outdoor wedding to make the most of the views. And it was more modern and fun that a lot of the weddings I’ve been to in the past. Instead of going through the traditional scriptures, the celebrant talked about Ben and Mel’s love story instead, going from when they met through to the proposal. And they both looked seriously amazing, and so happy and in love throughout!

Instead of avoiding or glossing over the couples love of all things car (specifically MR2’s), it was embraced right from the start, when all their friends with nice cars lined them up out the front of the building for the bridesmaids and bride to pass down the middle. Their love story spoke about how they met at a car meet, and Ben’s vows even stated that he would not sell Mel’s car without first asking! I didn’t know it until later in the evening, but even Mel’s hair piece was a jewelled version of the MR2 car logo!

I absolutely love some of the special touches they did for the day as well. Instead of having a sit down dinner with pre-arranged seating in the hopes that everyone got along, it was much more laid back and social. There were tables and chairs set up around the courtyard area where the wedding was held, but no seating plans at all, so you could sit with anyone of your choosing or wander around chatting. Canapes were served throughout the evening, with quite a few options being taken around, so there was variety, rather than having a choice of 2 meals only. I’ve always preferred the idea of cupcakes instead of a big wedding cake since you can have more variety and please more people, and this was done perfectly! They were super cute, and iced with purple and white to match the bridal party. And the party favours were lolly jars! It was nice to see a change from the usual candy almonds or chocolates you get, and the jars were super cute!

It was a seriously magical day. I wish Mel and Ben all the happiness in the future that they deserve, and hope they have a long and enjoyable future together! Thank you both for inviting us to share your special day with you!


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