Around Here…

Around here I celebrated a birthday and farewell’d a friend at work

Around here I’m excited to start a Week in the Life

Around here I’m airing out the apartment since our washing machine blew up and it smells like burnt rubber

Around here we’re getting ready to go to Mel and Ben’s wedding over the weekend

Around here I’m working on making a canvas for Michael to hang on our bedroom wall

Around here I’m reading a crafty book and not feeling overly inspired by it

Around here we’re eating gourmet sausages and scrambled eggs for dinner

Around here I brought gumboots for walking too and from work in the rain

Around here Michael spent the afternoon at a friend’s place pulling out a car engine

Around here I found out today that my team is moving buildings on 30th April, so I’ll be closer to work and able to walk in rather than catching the bus


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