Week in the Life 2012

Well it’s that time of the year again. Ali Edwards is doing a week in the life next week, and I’m planning on participating again. This year, I’ve decided to simplify the project a lot more than I have in the past, since I’ve never finished the project completely in the 2 previous years I’ve tried.

Both times, I’ve taken down the photos and the words for the project, but when it comes to actually printing the photos, it hasn’t happened. I plan to actually have the 2011 week in the life finished by the end of the year though, since the journalling is done, and I’m just needing to print the photos and slip them in the page protectors, but I’m not sure if I’ll ever finish 2010 since it was so complex with printed journaling cards that I never even finished typing up. Below is the basis for my 2011 album, and I love it! Especially the different colours and the days of the week. The journalling pages are double sided, and I used the daily sheets that Ali created.

To keep it simple this year, I’m thinking of continuing with the 8 1/2×11 inch pages that I’ve used previously, and the We are Memory Keepers divided 9 slot page protectors. I’ll be using the same American Crafts 8 1/2×11 black cloth album to keep it in, which is where I keep the previous 2 years of this project. As for the layout of the pages, I’ll be doing one main photo for each day, which I’ll print as either 8×10 or 6×8 for the left hand side of the page, then the divided page in the middle with photos and possibly some basic journalling, and the right side of the page I’ll type my journalling out each day, which will probably just be my diary entry for each day, possibly with a few extra interesting details. I think this format will be easy enough to keep up with throughout, and I’ll have the photos photos printed in one batch at the end of the week and will assemble and share the finished product by the weekend after. Below is a basic sketch on how I plan on doing my 2012 album.

I’m super excited about having 2 good cameras to use for this project this year as well! It’ll be fun to test them out some more! I plan on sharing my photos and journalling each day of the week so that anyone can see what a week in the life is like for me at this point in time. I’ll be trying to really capture the details of my day-to-day life, so there will be lots of everyday photography, which I actually quite like doing. For anyone who struggles with everyday photos, Elise Blaha has a great post on her blog today with ideas and tips. Please excuse all of the crappy pictures today. It’s been getting dark by the time I get home each day, so I didn’t have good light by the time I took  the pictures. I’ll try and take better ones when I finish the album!


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